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Shirley MacKinnon
Jayne Howard

Readers may recall that plans for a village Food Festival styled around the popular Channel Islands “Tennerfest” have been mooted

Our thriving local hospitality sector is comprised of 18 various establishments, offering an eclectic mix of original food combinations. Most signed up straightaway to the notion of a local food festival

The idea is gathering growing support from the community. There is enthusiasm for an event of some description with a wider brief to celebrate the fabulous distinct offerings in our area.

There is something for everyone here, both by the seaside with traditional offerings and in our villages with some unique menus. Our aim is to capture the full spirit and flavour of what is on offer as a series of special culinary promotions.

Noting the national plan to make the traditional May Day Bank Holiday in 2020 a commemoration of the 75th anniversary of VE Day on 8 May, we are already working on ideas.

We plan to promote a sequence of events in the villages, included under the umbrella of a new local Food Festival brand. We may see a “We’ll Meet again “ cocktail on offer during the May Bank Holiday event, amongst no doubt some other original food and drink mouth watering ideas to whet the visitor palette.

Other events such as a Chilli weekend, a celebration of British Food  and a PieFest are already on the table, as a possible series of interesting local events on the culinary calendar. Look out for proposals. Also look out for opportunities to become involved.

We are working closely with the new Pevensey Food and Drink Magazine, a brand new independent news based guide and information based magazine web portal. The Pevensey Food and Drink Magazine launches online on August Bank Holiday Sunday (25 August) in six weeks time.

The aim of the magazine portal is to support and promote the work of the 18 local food establishments in the locality as a magazine style weekly news review.

There is a diet of weekly news, updates and briefings about what is on offer here in the four villages, targeting a wider visitor audience in East Sussex

The Pevensey Food and Drink Magazine aims to reach 20,000 page views within their first month of launch online. The web portal also aims to see part of their promotion in print. There is to be a new four page pull out of culinary highlights in the local independent tabloid newspaper, the Pevensey Bay Journal.

Highlights in the magazine include, “18 with a bulletin” their theme for a desktop newsletter that will be available on a subscription basis accessible through the magazine portal.

‘Keeping tabs’, will be a series of sections for each of the food establishments on the magazine portal. ‘New on the menu’ will outline special offers. ‘Take the A Board’ will provide a series of screenshots of specials menu boards across the food establishments on a weekly basis.

We see the new online magazine portal as a vital and engaging way to promote local food and drink options in the locality. We will be utilising the state of the art, smart phone ready, magazine web platform, to promote the idea of Pevfeast.

Such a magazine portal, as well as helping local hostelries to promote their business on a continuous weekly basis, will no doubt enable us to reach a wide audience with Pevfeast.

What began as an idea to establish a month long festival of local food options based on the Tenerfest idea in the Channel Islands is growing organically.

The idea for Pevfeast has bedded down in the community and is growing.

What is beginning to resonate with a local audience, both in the local hospitality industry and with residents, is a series of possibilities.

We will see you in 2020 with a special series of local culinary events.

Do not forget to logon to the Pevensey Food and Drink magazine online this Bank Sunday 25 August. We will be utilising the magazine web platform to publish our media releases to the locality and to visitors.

Watch out this October for our very special Pevfeast taster event.

Many thanks to Ziza Stupkova for our fabulous new logo.

We’ll meet you again in 2020, cocktail in hand.

Shirley MacKinnon
Jayne Howard
Pevfeast 2020