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A new web platform beta launches today (Monday 5 August) with the aim of raising the profile of pubs and restaurants across seven villages in this ‘hidden jewel in the crown of Sussex’.

The new web platform is edited by Jayne Howard, who is based in Pevensey. Jane has a wealth of experience with the profiling of events. She is a retired Local Government events organiser, and as she explains on her Facebook page and you don’t see many of them.

The team aim to support the project with a four page supplement newspaper profile in the local press, beginning in September.

A spokesman for the technical team responsible for the development web platform said this morning (5 August) “if we succeed with this web platform our aim is to roll out this approach to other ‘foodie heaven hotspots in Sussex’.

He said, “our premise from a technical point of view was a simple one, how would a family with little knowledge of the area coming to this corner of Sussex one Sunday for a special family occasion decide where to go for lunch?”

“What we found is that there were a myriad of possibilities, all accessible on the web to explore possibilities, but nothing comprehensive.nothing co-ordinated and nothing organised to give families a wider perspective of the possibilities.

“Most importantly, nothing from inside the local hospitality industries was accessible on a comprehensive up to date basis with news, that was based on a compare and contrast set of parameters, vitally, that included a local context.

“Where were the the local food establishments in the local press? Where were the comprehensive links to all the websites in a small geographical radius, the grouping of social media profiles, the history of the food establishments, their latest offers and events?

“Some of these things were available by visiting each food establishment in turn online, but there was nothing comprehensive for the area, and most importantly no-one had set the search in a local news context to provide ‘the bigger picture’ of the foodie heaven that is in the cloud here, in this little corner of Sussex.

“Trip Advisor is such a useful tool and of course there is an opportunity to search out all the reviews of all the establishments within a small radius, so useful, but as we all know, Trip Advisor reviews have to be browsed with an element of interpretation and caution.

“There is nothing about each food establishment in the local press, for example. Moving between the reviews and the social media pages of each food establishment, another very useful source of up to date information, in each case we found, took some time.

“The websites for most local food establishments in the locality have got so much better in the last year, but wading through the information for each food establshment would have taken acres of time, searching out the history, special offers that week and current local news about each of the establishments could have taken hours.

“We estimated that a family, not familiar with the area, aiming to search out where to go for their special Sunday lunch might be searching on the web for something like two hours before they could make ‘an educated decision’ about where they might go for their special Sunday lunch. And anyway in the process, they might have missed a magical food establishment location that lacks profile online.

“Our starting point for the project was to ask ourselves, could we reduce that two hour search on the web, to a two minute search on one web platform?

“We wanted with the results to provide an independent guide to the local fabulous foodie news scene, to provide a platform that was part news, part independent guide, part independent directory that updated every week.

“What we are profiling today is just a taster, but we believe that we have got something with the basic technical approach to accessibility and an interesting approach to the visual identity of the web platform.

“Our foodie heaven web platform that beta launches today aims to deliver that successful two minute search to any family looking for that special Sunday lunch in the hidden jewel that is this little corner of Sussex”.

What you see is what you get

Each food establishment is profiled with an introductory description, accordian tabs drop down to offer further information about the history of each establishment, what is being said in the press about the establishment, together with quotes from their trip advisor reviews and social media reviews. In each case you can link from the quote to the trip advisor review area or the Facebook page direct.

We are currently showing descriptions from nine food establishments for our beta launch, the full launch of the web platform takes place on Sunday 25 August, when we will be profiling approximately 37 food establishments across seven villages.

Village searches
The seven villages are tabbed in the headline area, we are currently showing three villages. People can click between each village to see latest weekly “foodie heaven” news and descriptions of each food establishment in the village.

For example, this week, for the beta launch, we are featuring the new wine tasting sessions at the Smugglers Inn in Pevensey and adding five more food establishments.

News area
On the right hand side of the homepage we feature latest weekly news from across the seven villages.

The eventboard features weekly events and special events, calling up three forthcoming events to the homepage, leading to an events calendar that is accessible with a picture, weekly or monthly profile. For example, the beta launch shows the Quiz nights held at the Castle Inn in Pevensey Bay every Sunday night.

The A Boards
The team plan to add “Take the A Board’,  a feature on the web platform which showcases “specials boards’ across the food establishments. As well as being visible as people walk into the pubs and restaurants, the idea is to make boards accessible online here as part of the profiles for some of the food establishments.

Local jobs in the hospitality industry are posted on a weekly basis. For the beta launch, the jobs posted include joining the team at Sharnfold Farm.

Opportunities for local food establishments to profile their pubs and restaurants on the Pevensey Food and Drink Magazine include promotional boxes on the web platform as well utilisation of the newsfeeds, eventboard, together with special feature inclusions.

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