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image credit: Pevensey and Westham Girls FC

Local resident, 89 year old, Pauline Montgomery, is to guest edit the Christmas Pevensey Bay Journal, for second year running.

Pauline, who has lived in the Bay for 12 years, last year guest edited the Journal by writing the leaderboard and choosing the cover which featured “Touching Christmas in Pevensey Bay with Lilly and her Mum Mary”, with a picture taken at the Castle Inn.

This Christmas, the Pevensey Bay Journal is to become a picture post edition comprised of pictures of  local organisations and captions to celebrate their work.

This year she is to reprise her guest editing role, by choosing “The twelve organisations of Christmas’,. The pictures and captions of the twelve local organisations that she has chosen are representative to her of the spirit of the locality.

Pauline, who for 35 years was a school secretary, is known locally as ‘the whippet lady’ as she has two whippets. She is choosing local topics close to her heart, which include children and dogs.

Her first two choices for the ‘Twelve organisations of Christmas” are the Pevensey Dog Show 2019 and Pevensey and Westham Girls FC,.

Talking about her choice of the picture post with Pevensey and Westham Gitrs FC she said today (5 October), “I have chosen this picture to feature because the picture is so lovely, congratulations to the girls, I was so excited when I got chosen to represent Lincolnshire in Netball, so I know how they must feel at their age, because I was 14″.

She added ‘good luck with their trials for the county, a great honour for them to have been chosen,  lovely girls”

The twelve organisations that Pauline has chosen to feature in the Christmas Pevensey Bay Journal in the picture post edition, will be selected by her through October and November.