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THIS WEEK Plan to establish Friends Group for Pevensey playgrounds

COMMUNITY PEVENSEY BAY HOLIDAY PARK: Wealden Council refuses permission for use of land

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image credit: St Lukes Church & Parish Centre

Panto rehearsals have begun! Much fun had! It won’t be long until January… (OH YES IT WILL…etc)
St Lukes Church & Parish Centre – Stone Cross, 15 October 2018

Savvy St. Luke’s Church and Parish Centre in Stone Cross posts early day motion in local parliament of life

Savvy St. Luke’s Church and Parish Centre in Stone Cross has posted an early day motion yesterday (15 October) demonstrating that in the local Parliament of life there are many mansions in the house of my Father. And women now are taking centre stage at Prime Ministry Question Time.

The Parish centre is at the forefront of local community activities with sleepouts, performances and a myriad of local events that have captured the local spirit of the Age,

For example, St Lukes Church & Parish Centre has made the radical decision to host a Christian Aid Sleepout to raise awareness about displaced refugees.

The centre is increasingly being seen as an organisation that is connecting with local people in the displacement of doubt that like the bubonic plaque, loneliness is taking control of the country.

What local organisations can do in the climate of fear, alienation and fragmentation that we see at all levels of society, is to contribute by extending not just the hand of friendship to people, but the hands of friendship that together can reach out across local communities and embrace the notion of community with collective action, lights and sound.

Curate to St Lukes Church in Stone Cross, Danny Pegg, is to join the Pevensey Bay Journal as our Saturday night essayist.

On Saturday 27 October, he begins with the story of William Temple, the radical bishop who published a book in 1942 about social order that set out a vision for what would constitute a just post-war society. The book sold 140,000 copies.

Willaim Temple was writing at the same time as William Beveridge, whose Report to the Parliament on Social Insurance and Allied Services (November 1942) led to the foundations of the welfare state.

On a single seminal page in the book by William Temple, he outlines the contours of the Welfare State. There is a call for the provision of universal access to healthcare, education, decent housing, proper working conditions, and democratic representation.

The activities of St Lukes Church & Parish Centre in Stone Cross are to feature in the four page Eventboard insert that is published with the Pevensey Bay Journal, edition 22 in local newsagents, Saturday 27 October.

The activities of the Parish Centre in Stone Cross will feature with their own column.  (Oh yes they will).

Credit to St Lukes Church & Parish Centre in Stone Cross with their activity.