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THIS WEEK Beach Tavern Development: Time to find a sensible solution

COMMUNITY New arts and crafts group launches for Pevensey Bay in January 2019

BUSINESS Action in Rural Sussex back in Pevensey Bay

The new Bay Life beta web platform launches on Thursday 14 June 2018.

Dynamic, richly based feature magazine online

After eight years we are migrating to a new dynamic, richly based feature magazine online, modelled on our successful web platform launched in February 2010.

The roll out will take us three months as we migrate content and add new features, but from tomorrow, (June 14) the new platform goes beta-live.

For the first two weeks the platform will work as a technical shell, to promote the voting stage of the local photography competition, to give us the opportunity to oil the technical wheels and tweak the technical functions.

Our first feature, following the local photography competition in two weeks time, are new feature rich interactive eventboards for the Bay Hotel, Castle Inn and Aqua Bar.

Polldaddy comes to Pevensey Bay with monthly surveys as part of the Dianne Dear Blog. She will canvas opinion about big local questions. In her first poll Diane Dear, our publisher and Wealden District Councillor, seeks residents views on the future of the Pevensey Town Trust.

The new web platform is feature rich, dynamic, smart phone ready, Polldaddy savvy, loads in seconds, and is embedded with social media. We will be update with up new stories every day.

When a big local campaign has led to a conclusion, we will be there. When a big news stories breaks in Pevensey Bay, we will be there.

There will be hard hitting campaigns, and an independence of view that will continue to be distinct.

Most importantly there will be a daily campaign to preserve our precious assets.

We will continue to celebrate our communities, debate the big local questions and support the call for local economic regeneration.

The new web platform is at the birth of the hyperlocal press in Sussex., because our hyperlocal newspaper, the Bay Life Journal is coming with us.

What you will see in print will also be available online. Our eventboards online, for example, will, over time, also become available in print as well.

We will be aiming at a local level to work between the web and print The web can inform print. Print can inform the web. The ‘sample swatches of the social fabric’, for example, that you see in our newspaper, will migrate to the web on our new platform.

People look at the i newspaper and wonder why the condensed digest of news proved to be so successful as a newspaper.

There is a  simple reason. The grid structures that you see, comes from the world of the web, that is why in terms of perception, people browsing the newspaper have an experience that mimicks what someone does when they browse a good news web platform.

The technical team behind the development of the I newspaper knew all these things.

They had to make this ‘print browsing experience’ happen in seconds, which is how the web works.

Now you know why the headline digest of news across the big questions of the day is called ‘the News Matrix’ in the I newspaper, that is a term that comes from the web.

The column structures that you see do not come from the world of print, they come from the world of the web, that is why they work.

New profiles for local businesses on our web platform will include the opportunity to embed social media messages within articles and features.

We will do all the things that we have done since February 2010, except, smart phone ready, with interactive eventboards and embedded within the communities with new dynamic features, we will promote the Bay LIfe and Times for the Digital Age in some new ways..

That is because, as we suggest, our independent hyperlocal newspaper, the Pevensey Bay Journal is coming with us on this journey into the brave new digital. world AS we suggest, we will be working both online and print in some new ways.

The newspaper is joined this month by Taylor Dain Estate Agents, with their back page display of all their latest properties.

You will able to browse the Bobby of the Beat with retired police officer Paul Smith, keeping tabs on community crime booth online and in print.

Pevensey Pete with his uplifting notes “that sprinkle regular news feeds to filter through and sprinkle a little joy to all the lovely folk of Pevensey Bay”, as he explains his pieces, will be coming with us both online and in print,.

The Vicar of Pevensey, Tony Windross will be with us, the new director of the Pevensey and Westham Pre-school , Nick Porter will be with us both online and in print, and our arts and nature writer, Alan Everard.

Two new feature writers are joining us. Both writers have the kind of verve that is marked with our star opinion, writer Dani Lee.

The new EtsyBay online shop promoting Pevensey Bay with the best of the best products, like postcards, greetings cards and notelets, also joins us online on the new web platform.

For the first two weeks of our launch, we open the new platform as a technical shell to the extraordinary work of local photographers in our competition.

The infrastructure of the new web platform is dressed for the occasion as an exhibition of this extraordinary work. Pages are set with three resolution levels so that people can study the detail of each exquisite image, as they vote.

Welcome to the new Bay Life web platform, working online and in print with the Pevensey Bay Journal.

Online and in print, one production source with the same distinct visual ID becoming the above the line local watermark.

Campaigning to preserve our precious assets, campaigning for local economic regeneration, as we have done for eight years.

A new interactive web platform, double page spread, four page insert eventboard online, that thinks the content and visual ID is living in the world of print.

Online and in print, Bay Life and Times for the Digital Age, at the birth of the hyperlocal press in Sussex. Every Jour, from the hidden jewel in the crown of Sussex.

We will see you in the morning.

—Bay life
13 June 2018

Note: Thursday 14 June: We are tweaking and technical checking the beta platform through the day. The beta-launch is timed to the voting stage of the local photography competition, which begins at 7:30pm this evening.