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Dear Sir

For six months now my 27 year old daughter has been going through the process of applying to Falmer University to fulfill her dream of becoming a Paramedic.

She got accepted the day following her interview (most students can wait up to six weeks for a decision ). Now when she applied it was funded by the NHS and we knew that our daughter would be able to do it.

After numerous interviews exams and paying £1400 for her access course she was hit by the devastating news on January 6th that it is no longer funded by the NHS and thanks to our ridiculous government my daughter has to find £30,000 pounds to do this. I MEAN who at 27 years old can just conjure up that sort of money.

Now we are crying out for paramedics and unless you are entitled to funding or you have rich parents how are u meant to do this. My daughter is devastated beyond words.

As a parent I feel I have let my daughter down as I cannot do anything about this. She is not entitled to any funding, mature student at 27 apparently. When she applied even the university did not know then all of a sudden £30,000 please.

Sorry for the rant but I am one angry, sad and very upset parent

Fluff Godfrey