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PEVENSEY FOOD AND DRINK FESTIVAL 2020 UPDATE: Plans for our own shared moment of celebration already have the taste of the locality.
—Bay Life 6 November 2019

Bay Life understands that the Aqua Bar and Grill may become a ‘front room showcase’ in plans for the first Pevensey Food and Drink Festival in 2020.

Taster events are now underway, A Fizz and Fish night on Friday 8 November at the Aqua Bar, beginning at 6:00pm, is one of the festival ‘taster events’.

The goal of festival organisers is to see that this foodie heaven corner of Sussex is put on the foodie map of Sussex in a special way, tailored to the unique spirit of the locality, as an annual event.

The food festival branded ‘Pevfeast’, is taking a lead from the successful Pevfest music event which ran here for five successful years.

The Aqua Bar is a unique setting for festivals. The charity fund raising event “Aquafest”, with 12 bands playing on a single day in August every year now, at the Aqua Bar, is a legacy of the music festival, and widely acknowledged locally as being not just a premier fund raising event in the community for local charities, but a special addition to the community calendar.

The event draws draws hundreds of residents and visitors to the Bay every year.

The Aqua Bar has been described by Bay Life as having something of ‘the essence of Pevensey Bay’ in the delivery of their events.

Selecting the Aqua Bar to play a big role in the local VE 75th Anniversary events from 8-10 May next year is a savvy choice by organisers of the first Pevensey Food and Drink festival.

With the 2019 Aquafest, Bay Life said (12 July), “a great place, something of the essence of Pevensey Bay, particularly on the big note nights as the sun sets and the beach outside becomes the heart and home. Just beautiful setting, particularly with those big note nights. Like all big events here in the Bay, the mix of people and the buzz make the night. Aquafest is the annual jewel in their crown”.

We understand that the unique features of people and enterprise at the Aqua Bar may become a ‘showcase home’ for an element of the first Pevensey Food and Drink festival.

In May 2020 the Government is planning to support a very special set of VE Day events on the new Bank Holiday, right across the country.

They say on their planning web platform, “When VE Day dawns on 8th May 2020 it will be 75 years since the guns fell silent at the end of the war in Europe. Years of carnage and destruction had come to an end and millions of people took to the streets to celebrate”.

We wait to see, from local organisers,  if we will seeing 40 food events across 17 local food establishments on the Day, or perhaps the biggest street party for any village in Sussex.

What is known is that organisers have been talking to the Aqua Bar about their proposed role in the first Pevensey Food and Drink Festival.

One intriguing possibility is that the role might involve a link to the special atmosphere that marks the unique location.

Talking to Bay Life, Julie Rowe, co-owner of the Aqua Bar, said in 2017, “this is our table and our sitting room and I just want everyone who comes here to feel comfortable”.

With the beach setting, there might be an opportunity for the Aqua Bar and Grill to link to the local VE Day celebrations here in a unique way, with the channel as a backdrop to proceedings.

Organisers of the food festival are releasing a series of media profiles to promote their plans for 2020.

Latest plans outlined (3 November) include three local events on VE Day in May 2020. The festival will join a National Toast and Ringing Out for Peace. In addition there is to be a local showcase detailing the part played by the area in World War II.

Talking to Bay Life about the Aqua Bar, festival organisers explained, “they are planning a Fizz and Fish…fish, chips, peas and a 200 ml bottle of Prosecco on Friday nights. £9.95″.

Fizz and Fish Night at the Aqua Bar launches on Friday 8 November, as part of the Pevensey Food and Drink Festival taster events.

What will be interesting to see is if the taster event  becomes the basis of their theme and contribution for the Pevensey Food and Drink Festival VE Celebration in May 2020.

The Fizz and Fish theme is a winner.

The Aqua Bar and Grill dressed as a home from home for a flag waving celebration with a Fizz and Fish theme, could become a front room showcase for the Pevensey Food and Drink festival in May 2020.

In the coming months we will see the full plan for the festival.

We are starting with some interesting taster events. Joining a National Toast and Ringing Out for Peace and laying out a local showcase detailing the part played by the area in World War II are some good pointers to what we might be seeing in the locality in 2020. for our first food and drink festival.

Plans for our own shared moment of celebration already have the taste of the locality.

TASTER EVENT: Fizz and Fish night, Friday 8 November 2019 at the Aqua Bar and Grill, Pevensey Bay, begins at 6:00pm