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BUSINESS Renovation of Bay Hotel in Pevensey Bay:


AD Signs and Graphics, the savvy local design company has now been through a re-branding exercise and become Bay Designs.

The successful company run by husband and wife team, Hayley and Ashley Dawson, which set up in their home location of Pevensey Bay a year ago this week, has seen their service base go from strength to strength.

The couple, who this time last year moved back into the Bay after a lobbying campaign to find a small local business unit celebrated with a special Sri Lankan curry in one of their favourite local eating places, the Bay Side Diner in the Eastbourne Road.

The company services which include van signage, customised workwear, banners, mastheads and shop fronts, is to develop the design side of their business.

The new orientation will include exhibition work and event based profiles and original design on behalf of clients. The focus will be on seeing that there is support for new local businesses with their profiling in print and the development of localised visual ID, where they have developed a distinct range of approaches to ‘making connections’ in the community.

Some of their original logo artwork brings local brands into sharp focus, communicating both an upbeat feel as well as brightness.

Talking to the Pevensey Bay Journal (3 October), the beaming head honcho hoodie and design guru of the business, Ashley, told us “I have just done our accounts and in the last six months we have doubled what we did last year, coming back to Pevensey Bay was the best thing that we did”.

Last year the company undertook a successful lobbying campaign to see their service return to Pevensey Bay from Bexhill.

Communications manager for the company, Hayley Dawson, told the Pevensey Bay Journal last year, (26 July 2017), “took over one hour to get to work this morning in Bexhill, it will be bad now for the six weeks whilst children are on school holidays. We need our shopfront in Pevensey desperately”.

The couple who began their business four and half years ago, said they searched in vain for a shop front here in Pevensey Bay and explained that simply no-one wanted to know about their business location difficulties..

In September last year, following their campaign to ‘bring the business home’, space was found with a business unit behind the the Beach Tavern.

A Smiling Ashley added “and we have brought our Bexhill customers with us as well”.

The travails and success of the company have focused attention on a bigger problem, the desperate need for small start-up business units in the Bay.

Over in Pevensey, we now see the start of a major business development with the old Mint House being brought back into circulation, with a a long term investment in the Grade II listed building.

New owner, Jason Rolf, told the Pevensey Bay Journal (edition 21, Saturday 29 September) “Ideally I’d like to get the building tenanted with the creative arts. The full property is classed as B1 commercial which tends to bring in small, light industries typically from the creative sector. These can be anything from handicrafts right through to digital productions. There is a huge shortage of simple, inexpensive commercial units for small businesses to work from and I believe The Old Mint House would be a fabulous opportunity and location for this”.

The axis on local business development is beginning to turn towards a new kind of perspective.

There is a conscious need now to consider local business and we can see these approaches from some of the decision making being made by Wealden Council.

The purpose behind the Coastal Communities Fund set up in 2012 was to encourage the economic development of UK coastal communities by giving funding to create sustainable economic growth and jobs.

Since the start 277 organisations across the UK  have been awarded grants to the value of £170 million. This funding is forecast to deliver over 16,000 jobs and help attract over £316 million of additional funds to coastal areas.

The thinking about economic support to coastal communities should extend to Pevensey Bay.

There is nothing beyond the wit of any Government in the next five years to see that our Sussex-by-the-Sea setting is ripe for the kind of investment that could benefit the fragile economic base here on a sustainable basis, and big time.

We have a proud 200 history as a small visitor destination,

There are ways in which we could plug into this history and and switch the lights on. The plan to see beach huts on our seafront is an inspired example of vision that could bring  life, colour and quite possibly a few local jobs, in our community.

Local business is the lifeblood of any  community.

We wait with interest to see what the decision will be with regard to the proposal to turn Anderida House into flats.

Small start up business units located in the Mint House in Pevensey will be transformative to the fortunes of the historic village.

Start-up business units would inject a new spirit of life, dynamic and demographic to the fragile business base here as well.

Walking past the Bay Hotel yesterday (Friday 5 October), Ashley and Hayley were called over by manager, Karen Hudson. The hotel has now been sold to new owners.

Bay Designs to is be invited to pitch to profile the Bay Hotel with new owners, including some new traditional customised staff uniforms.

Within days of the announcement of their re-brand, Bay Designs is already looking forward to a second year in Pevensey Bay.

The question of economic regeneration in Pevensey Bay will now come into sharp relief .

The community waits to see what will happen with Anderida House, which, as as been pointed out ‘is of historic note”.

New businesses coming to Pevensey Bay with an inward investment and a new dynamic, is essential for the spirit of Pevensey Bay, continuity, survival and success of our small seaside location.

There is a spirit in the Bay that is as strong as a stick of rock, the question has always been what message to see written right through the stick of Rock, to promote the Bay to a wider audience.

‘Sweet Home Anderida’ seems to have stuck.

With Pevensey about to be transformed, with the Mint House now back in circulation, developing a new profile for the historic village in the next few years, the spotlight is turning to Pevensey Bay.

The economic fortunes of the two villages are closely linked. Radically different fortunes, but twinned in the sense of the need to see that economic regeneration, and the preservation of precious community assets, is put at the heart of any Local Plan that is envisaged by the Parish Council.

The long term major investment in the Mint House in Pevensey is extraordinary news in the community. Ten years in the Age of Austerity doldrums is over.

There is new hope and will, the plans to bring the Mint House back to economic life are significant.

Others may lead where Bay Designs have lobbied on the trail to see small business start-ups located here in Pevensey Bay.

We already know of one major business investor looking with interest to see what will happen next with Anderida House.

What we need to see now is a major investment in Pevensey Bay. There could not not a better place for such a small scale business endeavour than Anderida House.

Bringing new savvy start-up business to Pevensey Bay will continue to be an important consideration in the next few years.