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beach tavern, image credit, jan barron

Ilustration (2018), Jan Barron

Once again, on the agenda of the planning south Wealden Council committee meeting (18 July, 2019, 10.30 am) there is no mention of the Beach Tavern development site.

We are now two years and six months past the point when the first submission to turn the site into a three storey block of flats was lodged with Wealden Council.

Does Wealden Council intend to step back, do nothing and watch the site rot in front of our eyes, for every visitor to our community to see. or do they one day intend to make a decision about the site?

Does the council intend to do nothing?

Pevensey Bay Journal, 10 July 2019

Pevensey Bay Journal, edition 27, available soon in local newsagents
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