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Sarah Mosedale
Clerk,  Pevensey Parish Council
5 March 2020

re: LETTERS: Beach Tavern planning consent: the Wealden District Councillor for Pevensey Bay could not be bothered to comment on this well trailed meeting

I would like to issue a statement on behalf of Pevensey Parish Council, with regards to the Planning Committee South Meeting.

Firstly, on behalf of Pevensey Parish Council I would like to thank Mr Mcall for bringing this to councils attention. I have already replied to Mr Mcall directly.

Secondly, I would like to clarify the following with regards to the public speakers allowed to address the Wealden District Council (WDC) Planning Committee South Meeting about the Beach Tavern planning application held on Tuesday 27th February 2020.

WDC allow up to 2 people to speak for an application and up to 2 people to speak against. The available slots are allocated on a first come first served basis by WDC.

Given the Parish Councils strong objections to both planning applications regarding the development of The Beach Tavern and the strength of public opinion against it. The Parish Council very much wanted to have the opportunity to attend the WDC Planning Committee South meeting to object in person. Therefore as Clerk I called WDC to request a slot for a member of the Parish Council to speak on behalf of the council as an objector.

WDC informed the Parish Council that both of the available objection slots were taken and the council would be put on a ‘reserve’ list and contacted should council be able to speak at the meeting. Unfortunately the Parish Council was not contacted by WDC and therefore a Parish Councillor did not attend. Had the Parish Council been told by WDC that a slot was or had become available then a Parish Councillor would have attended and spoken against the application. Although, the WDC Planning Committee South did take into account the Parish Councils written objections.

The Parish Council has now been back in contact with the relevant parties at WDC to ensure that this doesn’t happen again.’’

Sarah Mosedale
Clerk,  Pevensey Parish Conuncil