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District Councillor Dianne Dear (who is also the publisher of Bay Life), expressed concern about the state of the Beach Tavern site in Pevensey Bay this afternoon (4 September).

Dianne said “I am concerned and angry to see the state of the Beach tavern site and believe that something should be done now to address this question”..

She added “I will be raising the question at the parish council meeting this evening as I think something should be done”.

Bay Life at the weekend reinforced the view offered by a number of residents that the site is going to rack and ruin.

Weeds and overgrown bushes can be seen taking over the site, which is a focal point in the village, seen by both residents and visitors on a daily basis.

Ray Foss, who owns the site, is to be contacted directly by Dianne Dear.

Dianne said, “I am going to contact the owner directly to see what can be done, otherwise we are going to be seeing an environmental hazard emerging of some description”.

Owner of the site, Ray Foss, has been contacted by Bay Life, to see if he would like to comment about what has been said about the state of the Beach Tavern site.