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Sweet Home Anderida: Opening of online Etsy Shop: New Volunteer Communications role

Volunteer Communications Manager
Online EtsyBay Shop
2-4 hours per week
initial appointment, 3 months

Thank you for the interest in the opening of the online Etsy Bay Shop to promote Pevensey Bay

Our first trials of postcards, greeting cards and notelets are now underway with a variety of focus groups in and around Pevensey Bay.

Our first product to go online is the Pevensey Bay Greetings card, which will be made available for sale on June 6.

The online shop will open gradually through June and we hope will be fully operational by the end of June.

With regard to the opening of EtsyBay, we are looking for a volunteer communications manager to develop our online profile.

The work will involve 2-4 hours a week, be unpaid, but, we believe will become one of the most interesting positions for a volunteer in the locality.

The role will involve working with communications with a limited number potential customers, liaising with artists, illustrators and photographers with regard to their work and promoting the values of EtsyBay online to a national audience, interested in the quirky, distinct and precious qualities of Pevensey Bay.

Our goal is to see the profile of Pevensey Bay tapped from a specific point of view online, with a new brand of quality greetings cards, postcards and notelets, developed for the Digital Age.

We want to reach the visitor destination audience in a new way, to encourage people to visit us and to further promote for residents and visitors the sense of Pevensey Bay as one of the ‘hidden jewels in the crown of Sussex’.

We see the role as being of potential value to a local person who is engaged in the community, has communication skills and is interested in promoting Pevensey Bay to a national audience with our unique values as a small coastal community.

An interest, understanding and connection with the history, community spirit and unique values of Pevensey Bay will be an asset.

As a volunteer role for 2-4 house a week, we see the work as being of value to someone who would like to enhance their CV in their search for a position that might involve a communications job in the worlds of visitor centres, information centres, museums, libraries and civic galleries.

The initial appointment will be for a three month period.

Full training will be given.

The online EtsyBay shop will sell greetings cards, postcards and notelets, with the distribution of these products also made available to local residents and visitors that are here with us. The promotion of these products locally will be in the form of display boxes that are distributed in the community and put on display for sale in locations such as the Ocean View Bakery and Over the Moon Party Shop.

We see the EtsyBay online shop as being a venture that will take time to develop. What is important to us is that the person appointed will understand three points, the vision and context behind the venture, the value and distinction of Pevensey Bay as a visitor destination and the value of the digital world in the promotion of small coastal communities.

Some help in seeing that the distribution points are updated on a monthly basis is also envisaged as part of the role.

Enquiries about the position to Karen and the team c/o Pevensey Bay Life at this email address info@pevenseybaylife.co.uk

We hope to be in a position to make the appointment of the volunteer communications manager for EtsyBay at the end of June.

Karen and the EtsyBay team, 29 May 2018