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Big welcome to Bay Cars, music to our ears, a new taxi service based in Pevensey Bay with old school values

The launch of Bay Cars, a new taxi service for Pevensey Bay, has generated interest amongst local people.

We started by asking when Conor Broughall came up with the idea for a taxi service for Pevensey Bay. The answer produced an interesting response that demonstrated the work that had been put into looking at the possibilities, ” I have been researching the idea for two years’.

The contact with Bay Life has been recent, but the service began in April, so Conor has had ample opportunity to test what local people think about the new taxi company

Untitled-2The service is by prior booking, so the obvious next question was whether we were just talking about the service being for airports transfers and similar bookings. Is the business mostly for longer trips like Gatwick and Heathrow, or does Bay Cars do local door to door bookings as well?

What was becoming clear was the notion of how much ‘local’ had been put at the heart of what Conor is doing, confirmed by the straplines on his flyers. which conclude, “our new locally based taxi service, we offer a professional, reliable taxi service, based in Pevensey Bay, covering all your taxi needs”.

He was keen to stress that an additional service, fully DBS checked, was the school run, “something for busy parents looking for reliable and safe school transport for children”.

Looking at the local connection, there seems to be support for the service and a variety of comments already have demonstrated both interest and encouragement with the service.

Jayne Howard who lives in Pevensey and is an ex-Tourism organiser of major shows like Airbourne Eastbourne, knows a thing or twenty two about logistics. She commented, “sounds a great addition to the area. Good luck to Conor.”

A regular at the Castle Inn in Pevensey Bay, and part of the duo that sings and plays in the public house, ‘Conor and Paul,’ with Paul the landlord, fronting their sessions. there was no surprise to see that the regulars are right behind Conor.

He gave us some idea of the width and range of support that he is receiving, suggesting, “yes but not just the Castle Inn, who by the way have given us fantastic support, all the other businesses in the surrounding, including bars, hotels and all the caravan and camping parks have been very supportive.

Setting up a taxi service and seeing the kind and number of big companies out there might have seemed daunting, but Conor had a simple answer.

Local taxi companies are big business, 01323 726726, for example, gets 9,000 calls a day, with up to eight people taking calls at once, as they reach from Hastings to the other side of Eastbourne . Everything is computerised with the calls feeding to all the drivers on a minute by minute basis to their dashboards to pick up.

“Obviously you are not looking at that sort of business” we suggested, “how have you set out your stall to get local business?”

Conor emphasised the local approach and support he had seen so far ,”we feel that if we can provide a reliable, efficient and affordable service, people will hopefully have our contact details at number one on their speed dial.”

Bay Cars is a one man band, the simplicity of a ‘friendly local service’ would appear to be disarmingly attractive to a number of residents.

“A number of people, as you may have seen, are already asking for your local business number on Bay Life, so clearly there is interest, and you will be appearing in our newspaper, The Bay Life Journal as well, so what will be interesting to see is if your business takes off. There would appear to be a small groundswell of goodwill wanting this kind of service in the Bay”

A crucial question, “is that something you picked up when you started thinking about the business plan?”

“Yes”, Conor responded emphatically, “and the positive feedback since we started has been encouraging”.

“Was he enjoying running the business so far, what has been the most interesting trip and most interesting customer to this point?”

He is already planning and analysing the season, “it’s been great so far, every fare is interesting and we are looking forward to a very busy summer season, not just for us but for the village and surrounding areas in general.”

Looks very much like we will be hearing more about Bay Cars. What is impressive about Conor and the basis of the business he is developing , is the consistency in his answers and the clarity with which he is promoting the new service.

Reliability and efficiency is everything. Local services, without question are becoming of more importance to local people for a variety of reasons.

The notion of a taxi service with old school values and an approach in the digital world that is simply based on the fact that the profile for his service is led by a network of contacts on speed dial, is a refreshingly simple formula.

Music to our ears and no doubt the Castle Inn will continue to be feature with the flyers as Conor and Paul sing Elvis.

The people that have his number on their speed dial, no doubt will already be proving his point.

Conor Broughall
01323 318915
07856 017163
Bay Cars on Facebook

Your new locally based taxi service
We offer a professional, reliable taxi service, based in Pevensey Bay, covering all your taxi needs
We also provide transfers to all major air and sea ports
All our services are by prior booking only