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Vehicles of Yesteryear 2018
Sea Road Car Park
Pevensey Bay BN24 6EH
Saturday 7 April

Arrangements are being put in place for new organisers to profile Vehicles of Yesteryear in the Sea Road car park in Pevensey Bay on Saturday 7 April 2018.

Clerk to Pevensey Parish Council, Malcolm Lawson (25 January), thanked Rob Bousell for all his work over the years explaining, “I am sorry to announce that Rob Bousell, who has run this event for a number of years now, is unable to continue this year due to some health issues.

“Is there anyone out there who would be interested in taking it over – Rob will happily pass on his files, signage etc (and his advice which will be really helpful)”

Within 48 hours steps were taken to see that the event would go ahead by a number of local residents.

Bay Life understands that the event is now to be managed by East Sussex County Councillor Mike Pursglove, one of the original founders of the event and savvy new Pevensey Parish councillor, Jayne Howard.

Amongst the responsibilities Pevensey resident Jayne Howard has taken on over the years as a key figure in the promotion of Eastbourne with events, are co-ordination work on Eastbourne Airbourne, the first Eastbourne Balloon Festival in 2017 and many other local high profile events.

Jayne is also responsible for overseeing the event co-ordination of the first pilot arts and literature festival this year in Pevensey Bay that takes place between 23-26 August 2018.

Talking about the event Jayne told Bay Life (12 March), ‘Vehicles of Yesteryear offers an excellent, early season opportunity for classic and vintage car owners to come together in a seaside location, swap notes over a cuppa and look forward to the Festival year to come’.

The combination of interest and experience looks set to see Vehicles of Yesteryear 2018 make a new mark, starting the season in Pevensey Bay with a popular crowd puller that attracts many outside visitors as well as residents.

In 2017, the event saw upwards of 100 Vehicles of Yesteryear, with some classic displays and a buzz about the proceedings that saw the Sea Road car park full of visitors through the day and interest in all the vehicles, with owners happy to explain more about the history of their vehicles.

The local cafes were full of happy visitors applauding the quality of the event and talking about the vehicles that had been on show.

Geoff Bryant, who works for Mason Bryant, the local independent Pevensey Bay estate agent, told Bay life today (12 March), ‘as far as I know everyone on the list from last year has been contacted, people should get their sign up forms from our office and we would be very happy to help anyone with their enquiries”.

The estate agency has been the sponsor of the event and a stalwart supporter for a number of years and is again sponsor of the event for 2018. They  can be contacted here.


Mason Bryant
49 Eastbourne Rd, Pevensey Bay, Pevensey BN24 6HL
01323 766331