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Bay Life understands that the affairs of Park Holidays UK are to be considered by Wealden Council.—Bay Life, 10 March 2018

Untitled-1Investigation begins over role of Park Holidays UK in Pevensey Bay

Following our article (Bay Journal, edition 16) explaining that we intend to consider a number of concerns by residents living close to the Park Hoildays UK mobile home site here in Pevensey Bay, Bay Life understands that questions about the site related to the relationship with the community are also to be considered by Wealden Council..

An investigation is to begin by Bay LIfe about the potential ‘floating’ of regulations by the company.

One resident who lives close by told us, “I have nearly come to a fight over a number of occasions about the vans parking outside my house. I have phoned their office and I have phoned Wealden District Council and nobody wants to bloody know. Why can they not park on the site? Wealden Council says that it is nothing to do with them”.

As comments have come to Bay Life about a number of matters, given the context of some of what is being said and concerns expressed by a wide ranging number of people in the community, we will be publishing a series of statements by residents.

Park Holidays UK is to be given the opportunity to respond to what is being said, and we hope that Wealden Council will be making a public statement about the matters within the new few weeks.

A spokesman for Park Holidays UK told Bay Life “As the new owners of the park, we are keen to be good neighbours, and to ensure that our guests continue to make a substantial contribution to the regional economy through their spending in local businesses. Although parking policies on the holiday park are unlikely to change for the foreseeable future, it’s important for anyone leaving their vehicle on public roads or public land to ensure that they are complying with any parking restrictions in force”.—Park Holidays UK, 14 August 2017.


The first of our investigations into what is being said by residents will be published this coming week.

In The Journal, the independent newspaper for Pevensey Bay we said (28 February), “We want to test whether the company should be challenged here over their role and make a more active contribution to the community.

“Of course we welcome their business. The makeup of holiday home owners and the mix with people that live here really works. The caravan site has been open since 1948 and is very much a part of the spirit and essence of Pevensey Bay.

“Of course we love the Martello Beach caravan site and many of us began our lives in Pevensey Bay on the site (including the editor of Bay Life nearly twenty years ago).

“Many people have migrated from the site to own homes in the Bay, over the generations.

“The question now though is, is the site too big? Are the rules for caravan sites of this size being flouted?

“We are already investigating a number of ways in which we believe the company is flouting the rules, based on approaches made to us by residents”.

With Wealden Council now also to consider the matter, it remains to be seen whether a more appropriate context can be set this season in which Park Holidays UK will play a more demonstrably positive role in the community.