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Read the exclusive interview with new owners of the Mint House in the pages of The Pevensey Bay Journal

Talking about the contact made to the Journal by new owner, Jason Rolf, editor, Simon Montgomery,  said this morning (August 11), ‘what I am hearing is both exciting and of demonstrable potential value to the historic village of Pevensey and the fragile economic base of the village that stands at a unique place in the history of this country.

He went on to say “The Journal will not just be supportive to Jason and his emerging plans, but wholeheartedly campaigning to support his plans and emerging vision.

“Given the little that I have heard about his experience, I believe, instinctively, that we may well be seeing someone who can make some extraordinary things happen for Pevensey, both from an economic and creative perspective.

He added, “and what a place to make these things happen, does not get much better in the locality than the historic Mint House.

“In the lead up to the arrival of the Bayeux Tapestry in this country in 2022, my guess is that we may well be seeing something happening at the Mint House that is sovereign to the economic future of Pevensey, and the people that live here and visit the village, the plans for new economic activity are beginning at such an interesting and timely moment.

“I did not just really like what Jason had to say this morning, I thought his vision and thinking was extraordinary, and I believe that he is the business, so we will see what happens next, perhaps, something quite amazing,

“Over the next few years, and perhaps in the long term, the fragile economic future of Pevensey may just have received an enormous potential economic and creative boost.

“What we are seeing is a unique challenge for the new owner but also a unique opportunity”.

Jason Rolf commented today (11 August) , “I purchased the Old Mint House at auction recently and thought it might be useful to keep B@y Life informed as to ideas and progress for the site.

“At the moment I’m just going to focus on getting the property and land tidied up (it is very overgrown), this will help me see and fix any immediate problems which may be causing damage such as broken gutters etc. before winter returns.

“If you want to include any info in your publication/blog then please let me know and we can meet next time I’m down in Pevensey – I’m a frequent visitor to the beach”
Read: The Mint House that is sovereign to the economic future of Pevensey, an exclusive interview with Jason Rolf, edition 21: Pevensey Bay Journal, available soon in local newsagents.