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Financial management of local playgroup

We are receiving a number of pieces of information from concerned parents about the financial status of a local playgroup.

One parent has written to Bay Life suggesting, “Just seen your post about pevensey and westham playgroup.. my son goes there was due to start school in September and now looks like he has no where to go as everywhere is full.

“All because the manager Christina was greedy and stole money.. such a sad situation for all the staff that have lost their jobs and children that have to lose friends and start all over again”

Initial alarm was raised this morning (December 29) with information provided by a parent that suggested, “just thought you might like to get a reporter to Pevensey and Westham memorial hall on Wednesday morning at 9am, when the Playgroup is meant to be re-opening.

“The manager Kristina Tangen has been over paying herself by thousands and the Playgroup now is in massive debt. The Playgroup is due to re-open and no-one can get hold of Mrs Tangen.

“The Playgroup is a registered charity and Mrs Tangen has robbed it blind.

“Regards, From a very upset parent”.

Bay Life is taking steps to try and contact manager of the playgroup, Kristina Tangen, this morning, to hear her side of the story  She can contact us here, info@peveneeybaylife.co.uk

We hope to be in a position to investigate this breaking story over the next few days and publish more information about what has happened.

You can contact us here if you have something to say about the financial management of this local playgroup,

You can contact us in confidence here. info@pevenseybaylife.co.uk.

We hope to be in a position to make this breaking story fully public within a week.

Two things appear to be important at this stage. First, establishing the facts with regard to what has happened and second, seeing that nothing of this kind can happen again.

Of course the second of those points is of no value to parents, but nonetheless, the more parents that come forward to give us information, the better placed we will be to try and establish exactly what has happened here.

Questions that need to be asked in our view include why the necessary checks and balances were not in place to see such financial mismanagement (if indeed it can be demonstrated that this has happened in this case) does not take place again.

Already we have seen 8 very negative and angry comments from local parents this morning, statements by the Memorial Hall in Pevensey over the non-payment of rent over a number of months and the cancellation of contracts regarding services linked to the play centre.

We appear to be seeing a question of major concern to the community here.

The first question to be asked will be why has nothing been said for so long in public?