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image credit: Hastings Free Press

Local news broke today, around 5:00pm, (Saturday 29 December), that Hasting Pier is closed until March 2019

Commenting about the decision, the Hastings Free Press said, “Hastings Pier has just announced they will close until March 2019. They are not accepting comments on their social media about it and state comments will be deleted, BUT YOU CAN TELL HIP”!”

What do you think about Hastings Pier closing until March 2019?

Within an hour there were 42 comments and 33 shares of their post.

Kate Kaminski on their social media feed was one of the latest to comment. “I think it’s terrible and a load of lies, I cannot understand how it was ever given to him to ruin after all that public money was spent on it, it’s supposed to be a community asset and we can’t get on it!”

Hastings Free Press invites people to comment here.

On a statement published on the Hastings Pier Faecbook page, a spokeperson says, “Hastings Pier will remain closed until March 2019 to allow time for essential repairs and improvements to be carried out.

“Planning permission has been delayed for 5 additional retail and catering units and the introduction of traditional pier arcade machines located beneath the Deck Bar.

“It is expected that this work can be carried out in the early part of 2019.

“The Piers previous operator sadly went into receivership as they were unable to operate the business profitably.

“It is essential for the future success of the Pier that revenue streams are increased as this will also offer additional employment opportunities for local residents.

“Sheikh Gulzar is very aware of the importance of the pier to the residents of the Borough and to outside visitors and only wish it to very successful.
Hastings Pier will become one of the very best piers in the United Kingdom.

“We apologise for any inconvenience and disappointment that has been caused by the decision to close for the said period but look forward to welcoming you back on the pier in 2019 once all the necessary works have been completed”.