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St. Wilfrid’s Hall, Pevensey Bay: Tuesday 7 August 2018, 7:00pm
Ray Foss, the developer of the Beach Tavern site to meet the community for the first time

Parish Council planning committee chairman, Robert Slater, told us (26 July), ‘an element of the meeting will be given over to the community so that what people want to say will be heard’.

Talking to Bay Life on 24 July, Sarah Mosedale, Clerk Designated to Pevensey Parish Council said, “I have been asked to inform you by Cllr. Lowton that the Committee meeting being held on the 7th August will include the plans for the Beach Tavern and the developer will be attending the meeting”.

The meeting is likely to be see a significant number of local people turning up to hear what Ray Foss, the developer has to say, with perhaps as many as 50 people turning up to what could be an extraordinary keynote marker moment in the future of the village.

Ray Foss, the developer of the site is being seen as making a bold decision in turning up to present his plans, since he will no doubt meet a number of objectors.

A first application to develop the site was turned down by Planning Inspector Sheila Holden. She expressed clear views in dismissing the appeal against the application “Its overall width, depth, mass and bulk would dominate the site and appear out of scale with other nearby buildings. Its angular shape would also be incongruous and incompatible with the surrounding street scene.

She added In my view when seen in the context of the surrounding development, the building would appear alien and out of place on this prominent and important site in the village”. Noteworthy in her decision is the perception that applications should ensure that developments establish a strong sense of place”.

Opinion in the village is deeply divided.

Elizabeth Beeney who lives yards from the planned development said, “my heart breaks at this new proposal, barely different from the last one aesthetically, and devastating to surrounding residential properties with a proposed underground car park! This is a village, not a town”.

Sheila Taylor, who has lived in the village for 50 years, said “unlike Norman Court, the very large barrack-like block of flats at the eastern entrance to the village, the architects of the relatively small block to replace the Beach Tavern appear to have given thought to their surroundings, e.g. the palm trees in the front echoing those of the adjoining two houses.

“With the existing building becoming more of an eyesore, the time has come to keep an open mind and judge the proposal on its design merit”

David Banks, who lived in Coast Road for 30 years said, talking about the decision by Ray Ross to be at the meeting said, “very brave of the developer. Top marks”

Developer, Ray Foss is being given credit for what is being described by a number of people in the village as ‘doing the right thing this time,’ by engaging with the community over this second application proposal for the site.