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Christine Racher: Mint House, Pevensey 2018

The historic Mint House which dates from 1348, is increasing being seen as a building that could unlock the next part in the restoration of the  fortunes of Pevense. The building is now becoming a subject of interest to artists working in the locality.—Bay Life 31 August 2018

Mint House 2018: Latest painting by local artist goes on sale

A painting, titled The Mint House 2018, by local artist Christine Racher, goes on sale next Thursday September 6. The painting (acrylic, canvas on board), size of canvas , 14” x 10”.(unframed) is priced at £350, (mounting & framing by arrangement at an additional cost).

Christine Racher is becoming ‘a known local artist’.

The painting is in her ‘quirky picaresque’ mode, and likely to be of interest to local collectors of her work, as well as residents of Pevensey village and visitors.

An exhibition of her work depicting a series of scenes, buildings and various settings in both Pevensey and Pevensey Bay may be forthcoming soon. The artist has been commissioned to paint scenes for public houses, and restaurants and seaside settings from Pevensey Bay to Wartling and Rye and even as far afield as Whitby.

The work of Christine Racher, in particular, Pevensey Bay I (2014) has been compared to Alfred Wallis, the ‘native’ painter in Cornwall who was part of the birth of the ‘St. Ives movement in the 1920s.

The sale of the Mint House at auction for £450,000 has provoked speculation and excitement about what the village will be seeing with the restoration of the building, brought back to economic life.

Talking about the sale, new owner, Jason Rolf told Bay Life, (18 August) , “I purchased the Old Mint House at auction recently and thought it might be useful to keep B@y Life informed as to ideas and progress for the site.

“At the moment I’m just going to focus on getting the property and land tidied up (it is very overgrown), this will help me see and fix any immediate problems which may be causing damage such as broken gutters etc. before winter returns.

“If you want to include any info in your publication/blog then please let me know and we can meet next time I’m down in Pevensey –

“I’m a frequent visitor to the beach”.

The Mint House is sovereign to the economic future of Pevensey,. An exclusive interview with Jason Rolf is to be published in edition 21 of the Pevensey Bay Journal, in local newsagents, 29 September.

The restoration in the fortunes of Pevensey in recent times can be dated to 2011-2013 .

The faithful and extensive transformation of the Priory Court Hotel and Restaurant by owners Peter and Vicky, brought back hope, history and new business to the village. As well as series of new suites for guests, the Priory Court is now very much a key community nexus.

The Priory Court website explains, “steeped in history, the 17th Century Priory Court Hotel is nestled by the stunning and ancient Pevensey Castle in the heart of Pevensey Village.

“The hotel offers luxurious accommodation, elegant function rooms, traditional English tea rooms and extensive gardens which together with our bespoke catering, creates a unique ambience for your special occasion”.

Since that time we have also seen the fortunes of the village restored further with the re-opening of the Castle Cottage Tea Room, now in the very capable hands of Julie and Andy Wilcock.

Perhaps there is no surprise to see that local artists are now documenting the first stage in the restoration of the Mint House with a record of the building in 2018.

Perhaps this latest work will be purchased by a private collector. There appear to be a number of local people who have become private collectors with regard for the work of Christine Racher.

What would be nice would be to see this picture on public display somewhere in the locality.

Perhaps one day we will see this original work on proud display by loan with the reopening of the Mint House.

Artist Christine Racher told Bay life (28 August), “I am considering making prints of the work available as well, but have not yet decided on the price of the prints”

All enquiries about the work, The Mint House 2018,  and prints, is available from Rachers on Canvas two sisters one platform, email for contact info@rachersoncanvas.co.uk