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THIS WEEK Story about Tony Hancock and his stays at hotel in Pevensey Bay attracts national interest

COMMUNITY JOBSBOARD: Pevensey Memorial Hall Management Committee: Caretaker required

LETTERS Angry Pevensey Bay parent and would be paramedic daughter, £30,000 please


Minted, the house that could make Pevensey proud again. What will happen now with the Mint House?

“Have nothing in your Mint House that is either not collectible or historic”
(William Morris. adapted)

We understand that the Mint House, source of so much history and heritage in Pevensey, a building that has been an eyesore for so many people residents and visitors, for so many years, and the last piece in the regeneration jigsaw of Pevensey, is under offer.

We will bring you more details about what is to happen should there be a sale taking place, as soon as more information is made public.
—Bay Life, 31 October