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image credit: Bay Designs: signage Rose’s Fish Bar, Pevensey Bay

News that a second fish and chip shop is to open in Pevensey Bay opposite Rose’s Fish Bar, has alarmed and dismayed owners of the much loved local establishment.

Talking to the Pevensey Bay Journal yesterday (Wednesday 17 January) owners of Rose’s Fish Bar said “we are angry and dismayed that this is to happen, there is business in the summer, but there is not enough business in the winter months here for one fish and chip shop”. They added, “this is a very small village and another fish and chip shop could be bad for everyone and we are concerned about our survival”.

Rose’s Fish and Chip shop is frequented by many locals and visitors and holds a cornerstone in the affections of local residents, who are immensely loyal and supportive of the local eateries and food offerings.

To a certain extent, the small number of cafes and restaurants in the locality complement each other offering different kinds of cuisine to different audiences.

Having said that, the prospect of a second fish and chip shop directly opposite the much loved Roses Fish Bar is likely to promote significant comment from local people. particularly given not just the widely recognised quality of the fish and chips on offer, but the dedication and service that has been offered at Roae’s Fish Bar over the last 10 years.

Scotching the idea that the story of a second fish and chip shop to open on the site of the Golden House Chinese take-away is just a rumour, owners of Rose’s Fish Bar told the Journal  “this is not a rumour, we know this is happening and we are very concerned”.

Owners talked to the Journal about their intention to write to Pevensey Parish Council to express their concerns and also the possibility they might seek to petition local residents to support their objection to the plan.

Local resident, Gwen Stewart, commented, ‘hope not we only need one and Rosie is good we do need a fresh veg shop”.

Barbara Lewis said, “another fish & chip shop is not needed”.

UPDATE: Owners of the Golden House Chinese take-away deny new fish and chip shop is planned: : 17 January
Owners of the Golden House Chinese take-away offered the Journal the following statement this afternoon (17 January), “we have been thinking about opening a fish and chip shop, possibly in three or four months, but we decided not to open a fish and shop”.