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“It is believed that two councils are considering breaking away from East Sussex County Council, Lewes and Eastbourne”
—BBC South East, 8 October 2018

East Sussex County Council is facing the possibility of an end to their activities, wound up and replaced by a number of unitary authorities.

Sarah Smith (BBC South East) has commented this evening (8 October), “East Sussex Councillors are reluctant to talk about the possibility today”

Simon Montgomery, editor of the Pevensey Bay Journal, said, “such a decision is likely to come sooner rather than later in our view, the response of East Sussex County Council to the question of our library services here, for example, was pathetic.

“The webcast of their decision and discussion was an example of the most snivelling, ill sighted, badly informed gibbering nonsense that we could possibly have envisaged from the Tory Councillors and their officers.

“When Councillor Daniel Shing pointed out that councillors had confused their definition of need and service in their consultation and the appendix to their consultation, a very flustered Rupert Clubb – Director of Communities, Economy and Transport was left speechless, paused, and offered the gibberish view that ‘the latter follows the former’. Complete abject ignorance.

“Perhaps the debacle over East Sussex Music Service really was the tipping point. The end can not come too soon. East Sussex County Council is removed from the people that they ostensibly serve and the time is clearly coming when in their disconnection, the end is in sight for the entire shambles”

“The same could be said for the sycophantic Tory councillors as well that sit on East Sussex County Council.

“Perhaps as we suggested in our leaderboard in the Pevensey Bay Journal (edition 21, Saturday 29 September), East Sussex County Council is sliding towards oblivion and they know their time is up.

“Our leaderboard was prescient.

“The implications here are significant for the future of all services in Pevensey Bay, what a unitary authority sub-division here will do is to re-connect services with people”.