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Ashley Dawson who has taken up the position of chair of the business quarter association said, “this is all happening quite fast”,—Bay Life, 31 October 2017

Location, location, location: New association founded to support emerging small business sector in Pevensey Bay

Talking to Bay LIfe, new chairman of the association, Ashley Dawson said, (30 October), “I am surprised at the interest in the formation of the association, and the possibilities with what is happening are interesting in relation to economic regeneration in Pevensey Bay.

“A lot of the stuff in Pevensey Bay with committees seems to be the same people, but I have been surprised at the level of interest in Pevensey Bay with the foundation of the business quarter.

“People were approaching us yesterday asking about signage and advertising and promotion because of the interest, so we have set up the association already because we can see the potential value to indigenous local businesses, and the promotion of this part of Pevensey Bay as a small network of service and craft based local businesses.

‘Many foundation meetings for committees seem to be comprised of three people and a dog round here to be honest, often the same people and the same dog, but we had a great meeting and we laughed a lot at the interest that we have been hearing about’.

“Jokes aside about three people and a dog forming associations, there may be some possibilities to put the business quarter on the map here in Pevensey Bay.

“That could be something useful for the network of small businesses that might join the association and be based in the location in some way,

“This has got to be a charter of some description and maybe even a map to a bit of the future of Pevensey Bay emerging as an interesting mix of new craft and service based micro businesses.

“Not so much Silicon Valley or the Cambridge corridor, more like a kind of Sussex Twitten or something”.

“If it worked for St. Leonard’s, it could work here”,

“Maybe we have found ourselves at the start of something here, we have already started talking about signage and a gateway of some description to the quarter with the names of business located here, every small business here could benefit”,

“There may be work needed on the presentation of the location, but we understand these things are already being considered, and anyway it could be fun to help plan things and see what could be done”.

Ashley, who works for signage company AD Signs in the new business quarter, added “we know a bit about signage”.

Membership of the new business quarter association is open to any small business located in or around the Marine Road, Bay Works area of Pevensey Bay.

Membership forms are available from Secretary of the association, Hayley Dawson on 01323 765898, Unit 1 Bay Works, Marine Road, Pevensey Bay.