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COMMUNITY Grand Village Draw: In aid of Pevensey Defibrillator Fund

BUSINESS Business Post of Week: Vines Flowers, Westham: Touched to the heart

Westham Parish Council:  Response: Westham Village pond
Talking to Bay Life today (30 July). Alison Stevens, clerk to Westham Parish Council, said that the council will be making a statement about Westham Village pond ‘within the next 48 hours’.

The statement follows the article written about local resident, Joanna Ruby Belcher and her views of what she described as the ‘appalling’ state of the pond.

A statement by the Westham Consrevation group about the village pond has also been published today.

In the same way that Pevensey Parish Council has been given the opportunity to talk directly to the readers of the Pevensey Bay Journal, the same opportunity has now also been extended today to Westham Parish Council.