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THIS WEEK ** BREAKING: Eastbourne Herald put up for sale

COMMUNITY The One and Only Tom Fitzpatrick is Back: Ocean View, Pevensey Bay

LETTERS Christine Fenner and Jo Belcher: Support us and the pond and the village of Westham

Stories in the Key of Life: Our new beta web platform launches on Monday 11 December just in time to promote all our Christmas advertisers with their special offerings—Bay Life, 29 November 2017

Magazine style structure combines our online profile, together now with snippets from our monthly broadsheet newspaper

Available 365, our new premium calendar features all our hyperlocal service advertisers with access to date and times of  their key events on a daily basis.

The magazine style structure combines our online profile, together with snippets from our monthly broadsheet newspaper the Bay Life Journal, with subscriptions and access available live in the web platform.

Twitter and Facebook embed live on the platform for up to the minute news and opinion as the news happens.

Our news feature includes the story of the day as well as a community pick chosen each day by one of our browsing audience.

Advertisers can sign up to see and hear all about their business profiling options, which include daily and weekly news feed options.

Our weekly campaign focus will bring hard hitting exclusive stories and breaking news about the questions that matter to Pevensey and Pevensey Bay from the regeneration of our fragile economic base to the preservation of our precious community assets.

Our business post of the week will extend to include a new feature, community post of the week.

Our letters will discuss the key questions of the local day and our Bay Society feature and Court and Social feature from our successful hyperlocal newspaper, The Bay Life Journal, will also be introduced online.

Our new beta web platform launches in the same week that our hyperlocal newspaper gains national profile from a key blog that promotes the hyperlocal press across the country.

Smart phone ready, some of the best calendar functions in the locality, feature areas for our business advertisers and live social media embeds and breaking news embeds, the state of the art web platform will be with you shortly.

From Monday December 11, Bay Life: Connecting communities in print and online, at the birth of the hyperlocal press in Sussex.

Welcome the new Bay Life. Browse and read stories in the key of life.

Bay Life is represented by The Independent Community News Network (ICNN), the UK representative body for the independent community and hyperlocal news sector.