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IMAGE CREDIT: Barbara Butterworth: Come Up and See Me, Make me Smile, take your litter home:

A new set of posters is planned to appear in Peveney Bay to encourage people to take their litter home.—Bay Life, 2 September 2017

The artwork created for the project was shot by Barbara Butterworth, an artist and ceramicist who lives Pevensey Bay

The A1 sizes posters are to be trialled in Peveney Bay, if sponsorship can be found for the project.

A spokesman for the new hyperlocal communications agency that is working with various business development projects in the locality said this morning (2 September), “we think the picture has merit not just as a piece of art but also as a strong message to both residents and visitors that they should take their litter home,

“The addition of the strapline Come Up and See Me, Make me Smile, take your litter home we see as being a simple way to make people think about the question of litter clogging the beach at key times in the year.

“The plan is to trial the poster in a lockable A1 frame, sponsored by a local company to see the impression of people with regard to bringing the matter to the attention of a wider audience.

“We see the photograph as artwork, and it would not be the first time that artwork has been used to bring home a message, the idea is as old as the hills.

“Here we have got an interesting piece of art that is sending out a message, and in our view, highly accessible in terms of delivering the message about the need to pick up litter.

“Amusing to see the comment in local social media circles about the photograph, with one commentator saying that the picture is rubbish literally, that made us smile as well and told us that as well as a smile, the picture probably had legs as an advertisement

“Our initial plan is to aim to raise the money required for one lockable A1 poster frame that would be seen by everyone that passes the frame in the parade of shops here, the cost of the frame is £100 and the digital image artwork at A1 size for the site would cost £15.

“£115 to deliver the initial pilot for a litter campaign in Pevensey Bay we do not see as being prohibitively expensive and we hope to get the installation on site for people to view as a test for the campaign”

“A high vis rubbish campaign in Pevensey Bay, we see as making a point that might also be a fun way to deliver the message.

Come up and see me make me smile, take your litter home as a trial poster campaign is expected to appear in Pevensey Bay, as a single poster frame initially, in the next few monhs