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Preparations are well underway for the Vehicles of Yesteryear event, to be held at the Sea Road car park in Pevensey Bay this coming Saturday, April 7. The Day is an essential part of the Pevensey Bay calendar and an event that is a nose to nose delight.—Bay Life, 31 March 2018

Photomontage credit: Christine Racher

Vehicles of Yesteryear 2018: Event draws hundreds of people to Pevensey Bay

The event, which draws hundreds of residents and visitors to the Bay to witness the show, is now in preparation with new organisers.

Talking about the question of the green light for the event this year, Malcom Lawson, clerk to Council, on the useful Parish Council Facebook feed said,

Vehicles of Yesteryear Show.
7th April 2018

I am sorry to announce that Rob Bousell, who has run this event for a number of years now, is unable to continue this year due to some health issues.

Is there anyone out there who would be interested in taking it over – Rob will happily pass on his files, signage etc (and his advice which will be really helpful)?

Within 24 hours a nunber of people had stepped forward to help run the event.

Talking to Bay Life, Mike Pursglove, who is one of the original organisers said, “I am very happy to help see the event continue”.

Mike, we understand, is busy with all the information that has been supplied to him and told us, “all previous people who wanted be at the event with a vehicle have now been contacted”.

Jayne Howard, recently voted on to Pevensey Parish Council, is also to help with the organisation of the event.

Jayne whose event based credits include work with Airbourne Eastbourne and the first Eastbourne Balloon Festival told us “Vehicles of Yesteryear offers an excellent, early season opportunity for classic and vintage car owners to come together in a seaside location, swap notes over a cuppa and look forward to the Festival year to come’. .

This year Bay Life is to host a photographic competition of the event.

All photographs sent to us following the day next Saturday, are to be posted to Bay Life with residents and visitors given the opportunity to vote on what they see.

Bay Life will then publish ‘VEHICLES OF YESTERYEAR: The Car is the Star Photograph of the Year”. Photographs can be sent to us, from 4:00pm on Saturday 7 April. Our email address is info@pevenseybaylife.co.uk. Because of the size of some of the files, we encourage people to utilise we transfer as a method to send the photos.

Bay Life also understands that stallholders are busying preparing for the event.

Katie Bundy. owner of the Ocean View Bakery and Restaurant, told us that she is in contact with the organisers to help promote the event.

Her stall described by one resident last year as ‘seventh heaven for hot dogs” will also feature as part of the event.

The Vehicles of Yesteryear event kicks off at 10:00m, Saturday April 7.

The event sees up to 100 vehicles on display and the day buzzes with excitement in the cafes, as we welcome hundreds of visitors to the day.

Proceedings have been described as ‘an essential part of the Pevensey Bay calendar and an event that is a nose to nose delight’.

Fingers crossed with the weather. Bay Life says ‘Vehicles of Yesteryear, not to be missed”.

Further information is available from Pevensey Parish Council, the organisation that hosts the event, and also from sponsors. MasonBryant, the independent estate agent based in Pevensey Bay.

Pevensey Parish Council
01323 743900 (Manned Mon to Thurs 8 – 12 noon minimum.)

Mason Bryant Estate Agents (Sponsors Vehicles of Yesteryear)
49 Eastbourne Rd, Pevensey Bay, BN24 6HL
01323 766331