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East Sussex Fire & Rescue Service were sent to a caravan fire in Pevensey Bay last night (20 January). East Sussex Fire and Rescue

Two Eastbourne crews were sent to the incident at 23.40 in Eastbourne Road

Two Eastbourne crews were sent to the incident at 23.40 in Eastbourne Road where they tackled the accidental electrical fire, caused by heating equipment, wearing breathing apparatus and using one hose reel jet. A thermal imaging camera was also used at the scene. Two gas cylinders were removed and placed in an area of safety to cool.

No-one was injured and caravan/motorhome owners are being reminded to safeguard themselves with smoke alarms and carry out appropriate electrical checks, as well as have an escape plan.

Electrical appliances, plugs and cables that are old or poorly wired can be a real danger.

Just because there’s no flame does not mean there’s no fire risk.

A residential mobile home, or caravan, offers a greatly reduced level of protection from fire compared with a house, mainly due to its construction. Make sure you know how to escape from a mobile home.

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Click here to find out what to check for to ensure your appliances don’t put you, your family or housemates at risk from fire.

East Sussex Fire and Rescue
21 January 2019