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THIS WEEK Goosie Gander comes to the Wallsend Ground

COMMUNITY Westham Village campaigners argue for “better resolution for our very treasured pond”

BUSINESS Harper Hair Co. lands in Pevensey Bay


DEVELOPMENT MAP FOR DUKELANDS 1965/66 NOW PUBLISHED: Thanks to Kate and Steven Wilkinson, who live in Beachlands, the team behind the production of the Beachlands book have rediscovered elements of the story of Thomas Cecil Howitt, The shape of the story here shows his influence still had a bearing in Pevensey Bay up until the […]


IMAGE CREDIT: T Cecil Howitt, founding architect father, Beachlands, Pevensey Bay The national book about Beachlands is being prepared for publication. Here we publish exclusively the draft first chapter of the book that is planned to put the Beachlands estate back back into a rightful place as a unique part of the story of early […]


A meeting held in Beachlands last Sunday (July 30), which attracted 50 people produced a set of ideas aimed at the revitalisation of the estate The foundation of Beachlands is now known as a conception, to have been the work of Thomas Cecil Howitt. He was one of the most eminent provincial architects of the […]


IMAGE CREDIT: Daniel Brookbank Team researching Beachlands book head for Nottingham City Council archives Some of the team researching the Beachlands book, Thomas Cecil Howitt, the Beachlands estate in Pevensey Bay and the story of his unfinished symphony to the sea are heading for Nottingham in the next few days in an effort to see […]


Breaking news: Are we about to see the BBC in Beachlands? Is next in line for regeneration in the Beachlands estate a possible plan to see the telephone box in Marine Marine restored? A K3 phone box designed in 1929 by Giles Gilbert Scott maybe? A rare surviving K3 kiosk can be seen beside the […]


IMAGE CREDIT: T Cecil Howitt, founding architect father, Beachlands estate, Pevensey Bay A foundation course to support the book about the Beachlands estate began yesterday (June 22) at the Ocean View and Bakery, attended by the first group of students. The course, a joint project supported by Brighton Town Press and the Pevensey Timeline Association […]


IMAGE CREDIT: T Cecil Howitt, Nottiingham City Council BEACHLANDS BOOK: Latest News that the writing group beginning planning a book about the Beachlands estate in Pevensey Bay has re-discovered the story about the status of the architect responsible for the plans is an interesting piece of detective work. If, as they suggest the architect father […]


IMAGE CREDIT: Original publicity, Beachlands estate, Martin and Saunders builders circa 1934 In June, work begins on the book that will tell the story of the history of the Beachlands Estate, titled in the publicity put out in the locality in August 1935, the Avenue to the Sea. The planning group, all residents in the […]