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THIS WEEK Arrival of Reverend Tony Windross as Priest in Charge at St. Nicolas church, Pevensey

COMMUNITY JUST THE TICKET: New film season begins at Bay Hotel in Pevensey Bay

EVENTS Booted and Suited for 2018: All systems go for Vehicles of Yesteryear in Pevensey Bay

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IMAGE CREDIT: Castle Inn, Pevensey Bay What a busy week What a busy week we have had. Raised £320.40 for prostate cancer, a leaving surprise party for our lovely Talia. Fat belly Jones party night and for all of you that happened to see the photo of a man sleeping in the luggage holder whilst […]


image credit: Photo by Jazmin Quaynor on Unsplash Running your own business Running your own business is hard, you are always in a constant state of high alert, working stupid hours, doing stuff for people free and taking all the time you spend on your business probably working for very little money. Sometimes you may […]


IMAGE CREDIT: Pevensey Pete, But soft, what light through yonder window breaks? my laundry is your laundry Hello laundry folk “where do you all find so much laundry to bring in for service washing?” Myself & Libby have been swamped with all your bags of washing today and as always it’s a delight to assist […]


VIEW BAY HOTEL EVENTBOARD UPDATES HERE Special offers Homemade comfort food to get you over hump day special offers available 4pm till 8pm every wednesday in January 2 meals for £12.. select menu curry and a pint for £7 15 x hot wings for £5 —Bay Hotel, 10 January 2018


Replaced some window etch in the #pevenseybay for Rose fish and chips after their customers picked most of the old one off!!! —AD Signs and Print, 4 January 2018 IMAGE CREDIT: AD Signs and Print


Don’t forget it’s £9 Grill Night Tonight. Fancy Grill a 7oz local sirloin steak, a homemade 8oz beef burger or a chicken fillet burger or a grilled vegetable kebab with all the trimmings? Not to mention a tonight special which is fresh haddock risotto? Then pop along tonight or any Thursday night and dine for […]


From our very own Pevensey Bay based artist, musician, illustrator, photographer, web graphics creator, is there no end to the creative skills of Zixa Stupkova?— Bay Life 5 December 2017 Beautiful Sussex in Painting Ziza says “Original gift – 2018 Wall Calendar Beautiful Sussex in Painting with 12 paintings by local artist! Make yourselves (or […]


Starting to get festive at Taylor Dain Starting to get festive at Taylor Dain. Remember we are here for all your property needs and with exciting new software now installed we can meet those needs more efficiently and effectively than ever. So give us a call if you are thinking of buying or selling a […]