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THIS WEEK MP Huw Merriman, public meeting over closure of Pevensey Bay Library, details announced

FEATURE TIME TO LAUNCH TABLOID JOURNAL: Death of Pevensey Bay Library much exaggerated

BUSINESS POST OF WEEK: Castle Inn, Pevensey Bay: Under New Management party


Closure of Pevensey Bay Library Just heard that pevensey bay library is on the proposal to close!! the community fought hard to have it reinstated after the flood. It would be a shame / disgrace that money was wasted refurbishing the facility. It has to be saved. Perhaps the Ray Foss library isn’t such a […]


Would you be kind enough to put the attached poster in the Journal. It commemorates ten Pevensey Soldiers who died at Passchendaele. Thanks Carolyn Editor: Most certainly we will put the poster in the next edition of the Journal


Hello, I hope it might be possible to advertise the Westham Village Show on the Pevensey Bay Life and Westham Voice website. The show is held in Westham Village Hall in Peelings Lane , Westham on Saturday 12th August 2017 from 2pm to 4pm. This is the fifth year of the show and we now […]


Dear Sir/Madam, I am researching my family history and visited Pevensey last week. I visited the church and saw the war memorial inside which commemorates one of my cousins. While I was there I tried to find Bridge Farm where my family once lived, but I presume that the cottage is no longer there. However, […]


little mention to Eastbourne Bombers Softball team Good evening, just wanted to know could you give a little mention to Eastbourne Bombers Softball team . We are a newly developed slow pitch team based in Eastbourne always looking for new people to get involved. Many thanks, Michaela www.eastbournebombers.co.uk


IMAGE CREDIT : RSPB To the editor appeal to people NOT to feed the seagulls I hope you won’t mind me using this space to appeal to people NOT to feed the seagulls on the beach. Human food and particularly bread and chips are not their natural diet and are bad for them. They cannot […]


To the editor I have contacted Wealden and the police about the speed of cars and motorbikes along Coast Road but apparently there are no plans to investigate this problem. I have had damage to my car while parked outside my property and then months later it was written off by another vehicle, again whilst […]


Coast Road becoming increasingly dangerous As a resident in Coast road it’s becoming increasingly more dangerous with the number of cars speeding down this narrow road, with Pevensey becoming more popular with holiday makers to the area this feels like a accident waiting to happen, are you aware or your readers if the local council […]


VIEW ALBUM HERE: Chris Haley, 1932 Hi there I wonder if by any chance you have any information on Pevensey Bay in the 1930s, or could you point me in the direction of someone who might have such information. Is there maybe an information centre or museum in the area? My mother and her family […]


Dear Sir We visited Pevensey Bay today (Monday 3 July) and were amazed to see a seal swimming very close to the shore near to where a fisherman was standing with his fishing rod. On further investigation I found reports of similar sightings in 2008, 2012, and another reported in your paper 30 Oct 2016 […]


Dear Mr Montgomery and Dianne Dear, Further to your kind help of last year, I have pleasure in informing you that the novella in question: This Saxon Shore, which features a fictitious young lady graduate and a Professor of history from UCL and a young doctor in Pevensey in 1900, has just come on sale […]


Three Peaks Challenge for Willberry Wonder Pony My Son Richard with Grandsons Charlie and Ben, Son-Law Jay with two family friends Max and Ronan are aiming to complete the Three Peaks Challenge which is an attempt to climb the highest peaks in Scotland, England and Wales in ‘one go’. These peaks are Ben Nevis in […]


Sir As a keen observer of Pevensey Bay Life I have many concerns regarding the strategy and direction that the Pevensey villages take. I do advocate a wider MP led top down analysis of the economic micro climate and tourism strategy of Pevensey Bay and this historic village, littered, as it is, with wealthy organisations […]


Dear Sir We thought we would support the tea rooms and went for an afternoon tea/coffee. Sadly we came away. I feel it is expensive to pay the £2 all day parking fee, just for a coffee! Unfortunately we came away, tea rooms losing another potential customer Regards Paul Watson


Dear Sir / Madam This appears in the local paper Your letter reference above dated 13 January 2017 regarding Polegate By Pass Resurfacing Whilst as a user of this road and nearby resident I appreciate that maintenance needs to be carried out to maintain the by pass, the full closure of either one direction or […]