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THIS WEEK Langney Shopping Centre £6.5 million extension takes shape

COMMUNITY The Haven Players, Stone Cross: Summer Panto! – The Pied Piper of Hamelin

JOBSBOARD Part time staff, Royal Oak and Castle Inn, Pevensey


. Hello Bay Life My name is Arthur Wright and my latest book, published by “Frontline” (Pen & Sword), is called “DECODING THE BAYEUX TAPESTRY…” In it I argue against the accepted speculations and provide evidence for Pevensey as the real focus of the 1066 landing. Hastings, as a place, did not exist and was […]


After hearing the great news the library will be open and run by members of the community I was quite disappointed to see that who I presume to be one of the volunteers using the allocated parking spaces for the library as their own personal parking space. I am a resident of the building the […]


Letter to the editor. A reminder to voters at Westham that there are nine candidates standing for election to Westham Parish Council and voters are free to choose ANY number up to five candidates. Some confusion seems to have arisen after the distribution of a leaflet on Wednesday from four candidates campaigning together. All candidates […]


Just to say……..THANK YOU SO MUCH….to whoever ….repainted the little seat at the entrance to Castle Drive…..it looks so much better ! I keep the grass cut around it….& have planted a few Daffodills near it…. But have yet to appear ! Kindest regards Tessa


A tidal wave of apathy and indifference seems to have swept Stone Cross where the Parish Council Elections in May are concerned. The two wards of Stone Cross and Dittons, who between them have 8 seats allocated on the Parish Council, have only managed to attract 3 candidates. Does this indicate a lack of interest, […]


re: LETTERS: Pevensey Church School, either 1945 or 1946, I wondered if any of your readers would have been present? Could Pamela Tompsett be referring to this? Visit to London Pantomime Children’s Outing from Pevensey (02 January 1947): “Ninety children from Pevensey aged seven to 15, went by motor coach to London on Thursday to […]


click image to enlarge image credit: Pamela E Tompsett You can contact us here if you have any further information about people in this photograph or the event, we will pass on the information to Pamela Tompsett info@pevenseybaylife.co.uk To the Journal My name was Pamela Trott (now Tompsett) and my mother, grandmother, 
brother and I […]


LETTERS: Tony Larlham Similar event @ Asda about 10 days ago. Sussex Police senior management papering over the cracks and trying to present ‘Community Policing’. Would prefer more regular presence on the streets, even 1 officer per week in the Village area on Foot Patrol would be an improvement. The few resources they have in […]


image credit: Vehicles of Yesteryear 2017, Chris Racher UPDATE: 10:00am, 3 February 2019: Message from Katy Tsigarides at estate agents, MasonBryant in Pevensey Bay, the organisation that has done a fantastic job with sponsorship of the event over many years. Yes a date has been set (Saturday 6th April) and entry forms are being sent […]


To The Journal 1307: Farmers of Pevensey castle petition for a survey for repairs. Sounds like it takes an age to get repairs done in Pevensey castle. http://www.nationalarchives.gov.uk/education/resources/medieval-castles/medieval-castles-source-11/ Best wishes, Deborah SOURCE 11: National Archives: Education > Classroom resources > Medieval castles This document records the request of the tenant farmers of Pevensey castle as […]


re: BOXING DAY FEATURE: Ad Pevenesae: For Sooth My Lord, hereth doth come the Mint House Blog To the Journal It will be interesting to follow the Mint House blog throughout 2019! Here is an article mentioning tearooms at the Mint House in Marion Kelsey’s Canadian war journal, but surprisingly, it was in a danger […]


Months since the last report and sadly the building is in fast decline The saga of Beach Tavern doesn’t go away! It has been months since the last report and sadly the building is in fast decline. Can the owner not be taken to task and instructed/ordered to maintain to a safe level/ clean up […]


100 YEARS: REMEMBRANCE DAY: DISAPPOINTMENT WITH PEVENSEY BAY I would just like to say that I was very disappointed with Pevensey Bay that there was no poppies at all in the Bay. Driving around Sussex villages across the county villages have put poppies and silhouettes of soldiers, but there was nothing in the Bay. We […]

westham village pond 2018

Image credit: Dianne Dear To letters page If there are any parish councillors who find dealing with the pond too much trouble then they should stand down and let more community minded people take their place It appears Pevensey Bay Life knows that Jo and I – and Keith Stevens – Gerry Garner and Alf […]


Defibrillator to be installed in the Market Square in Pevensey A few months ago I started a campaign to raise money for a Defibrillator to be installed in the Market Square in Pevensey – these pieces of life saving equipment often get overlooked in rural villages when towns have plenty of large charities to raise […]