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THIS WEEK No more worries for me or you: The Classic Seaford and District Bus Company

COMMUNITY Raising awareness of scams and doorstep crime

BUSINESS POST OF WEEK: Launch, Paws in the Bay


To editor Thought this might be of interest as talk of sinking sands again. There are sinking sands, they do not always occur in the same place they appear if condition are right. If you live by the sea you should know the dangers. Perhaps you could inform people of the dangers, the fire service, […]


To the editor I was born and lived in the Bay till 1963 and returned 30 years ago. In the late 40s and early 50s I spent many many hours on the beach, I can still hear my parents warning about getting too close to the so called sinking sands (Mud from the river.) that […]


To editor I just wanted to say that your idea to have some of the photographs from your competition as possible postcards with the ones that you are already doing is a really good idea. G. Editor comment: Thanks: We can see at least 2 or three photographs already that might fit the bill as […]


It is great to hear that the defunct tavern ‘may’ be considered as a restaurant. I hope the village etc gets behind this and squashes any application for flats!! We have a great fish and chip,. two indian and two chinese, dare I say an Italian/Mediterranean would complement the village well and create more footfall. […]


Last Saturday (5 May), Pevensey Bay Library closed its doors Over the previous couple of weeks many books have been returned and the two staff that have weathered all the uncertainty – Rowena and Iwona will eventually be moving on to new posts in the county’s library service. It is such good news that two […]


The state of the village this morning was a disgrace. Beach was full of rubbish and the few bins had not been emptied all weekend again. Seagulls pulling takeaways boxes and paper out of bins and all over the roads.T his happens every weekend in the summer. What a shame we look like a second […]


To the editor I got your email address from my good friend Julie Warren who I know has been communicating with you regarding her cousin Larry Stephens. She put me in touch with you regarding Peter Sellers. For the last ten years I have been working on a Chronology of the career and work of […]


Tony Hancock, the Bay Hotel Guest Register and Prince Aly Khan To the Editor You are maybe already into this link to the sketch by Tony Hancock as Aly Aga Khancock, link attached. Who signed, the real or the alias? http://www.tonyhancock.org.uk/episode-guide/radio/series-3 The real prince was in Sussex though for the races in the 1950s with […]


FEEDBACK: WEALDEN COUNCIL ARTICLE: Discounted home composters offered to anyone living in Wealden Hey there! I thought I’d pop over an email after reading an article on your site about compost: http://www.pevenseybaylife.co.uk/discounted-home-composters-offered-to-anyone-living-in-wealden/ I hope you can help, because I’m on a one-man-crusade to get as many people into home composting as possible!! Did you know […]


Tony Hancock Appreciation Society I was interested in your piece about the Bay Hotel and its connections with Tony. If we could help with the exhibition that is being planned, please let me know. Tristan Brittain-Dissont, archivist, Tony Hancock Appreciation Society

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LITTER PICK SUNDAY 4TH MARCH 2018 Please come along to Sea Road Car Park at 10 am. Bring a pair of strong gardening gloves. Bags and pickers will be provided and a couple of hours should make a big difference to the unsightly litter problem. It would greatly help if you could phone 01323 743900 […]


Dear Sir For six months now my 27 year old daughter has been going through the process of applying to Falmer University to fulfill her dream of becoming a Paramedic. She got accepted the day following her interview (most students can wait up to six weeks for a decision ). Now when she applied it […]


To the editor My father in law used to stay in Pevensey before the Second World War in a house called Seagulls – almost on the beach – Little lane and then on the Beach – close to a butcher (in those days I suppose there were lots of shops) I am not sure if […]


Karen Hudson ran an incredibly successful family event with her Disney Day on Saturday.  My great niece and nephew loved it – it was wonderful to see so many children scampering around in their disney costumes, and also young people getting together and having a good time.  She really does deserve a big public well […]


I’m sorry to say that our labradoodle Bubbles was involved in a second incident with a fisherman’s hook. During her walk last night she became tangled up in a line, attached to it was two hooks. One became embedded in her mouth and the second in her back leg. She was taken to the emergency […]