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THIS WEEK Plan to establish Friends Group for Pevensey playgrounds

COMMUNITY PEVENSEY BAY HOLIDAY PARK: Wealden Council refuses permission for use of land

BUSINESS Renovation of Bay Hotel in Pevensey Bay:


Response to letter: Is the Pevensey Town Trust purposely misleading both Westham and Pevensey Parish Councils? Pevensey Town Trust Court house Planning Permission Court house Planning Permission HAS been applied for and the application has been acknowledged by Wealden Council. In due course it will as with all planning applications appear online and be discussed […]


Procrastinated over the restoration of the Museum west wall Since approximately 2014 the Pevensey Town Trust (PTT) has procrastinated over the restoration of the Museum west wall. Clr Robert Slater, in his capacity as Chairman of the PTT, was asked a direct question (in council) as to the status of the repairs and he stated […]


PROPOSED ELEVATION SOUTH WEST: MAJ ARCHITECTS DESIGN AND ACCESS STATEMENT Application: WD/2018/1320/F www.wealden.gov.uk Sir In the 50 years I have lived in Pevensey Bay, both the Parish Council and residents have continually raised objections to building plans on the grounds thata proposed development would not be ‘in keeping’ with the rest of the village. But […]


The Network Volunteer group is invited to respond to this letter The Big story: Playground of the vanities, What is happening with our precious library? Article is referenced in this letter. Available to read in the Pevensey Bay Journal, edition 19, in local newsagents, article also available online following publication this coming week Dear Sir […]


PROPOSED ELEVATION SOUTH WEST: MAJ ARCHITECTS DESIGN AND ACCESS STATEMENT Application: WD/2018/1320/F www.wealden.gov.uk To Bay Life www.thecodestore.co.uk/shop/category/46/ecology/eco5-building-footprint.html Above document has info on the building footprint, including for flats. Have they exceeded the ratio? This ratio has been used before to reduce a new build that would have taken up 90% of land if approved. Sometimes […]


Sabrina at Bay Hotel, Pevensey Bay ©Lynda Leventon, all rights reserved Hi There, I wondered if you may be able to help me please? I am a writer (Yours Retro , Weekly News). I am currently researching a biography about Sabrina (1950′s blonde bomshell). Through Google I found a newspaper clipping posted on your site […]


Comment: Pat Martin letter: Mr Lobby and the 10 shilling train fare to Pevensey Bay A fascinating piece from Pat Martin of her mother, Ellen’s vivid memories of Lobby and the camping holidays in Pevensey and nearby. A missing link… I wonder if one of his films can be traced? There must be some villagers […]


IMAGE CREDIT: BBC: Seymour Joly de Lotbiniere CVO OBE Who was ‘Mr. Lobby”? He was Seymour Joly de Lotbiniere, a Director of the British Broadcasting Corporation and pioneer of outside broadcasts Bay Life has published a number of accounts of his time here in Pevensey Bay, in the form of letters we have received and a […]


Can you tell me whether the classic films being shown in the Bay are shown the traditional way, cine film, or whether it is digital projection. My wife and I are looking into the possibility of purchasing a property in the Bay, either late this year or early next year. name and contact details supplied. […]


To editor Thought this might be of interest as talk of sinking sands again. There are sinking sands, they do not always occur in the same place they appear if condition are right. If you live by the sea you should know the dangers. Perhaps you could inform people of the dangers, the fire service, […]


To the editor I was born and lived in the Bay till 1963 and returned 30 years ago. In the late 40s and early 50s I spent many many hours on the beach, I can still hear my parents warning about getting too close to the so called sinking sands (Mud from the river.) that […]


To editor I just wanted to say that your idea to have some of the photographs from your competition as possible postcards with the ones that you are already doing is a really good idea. G. Editor comment: Thanks: We can see at least 2 or three photographs already that might fit the bill as […]


It is great to hear that the defunct tavern ‘may’ be considered as a restaurant. I hope the village etc gets behind this and squashes any application for flats!! We have a great fish and chip,. two indian and two chinese, dare I say an Italian/Mediterranean would complement the village well and create more footfall. […]


Last Saturday (5 May), Pevensey Bay Library closed its doors Over the previous couple of weeks many books have been returned and the two staff that have weathered all the uncertainty – Rowena and Iwona will eventually be moving on to new posts in the county’s library service. It is such good news that two […]


The state of the village this morning was a disgrace. Beach was full of rubbish and the few bins had not been emptied all weekend again. Seagulls pulling takeaways boxes and paper out of bins and all over the roads.T his happens every weekend in the summer. What a shame we look like a second […]