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THIS WEEK DVD 800th Anniversary Concerts: St. Nicolas church tribute to memory of Owen Visick

LETTERS Community asset nomination by the book: Purchase the Beach Tavern, but include a library

CAMPAIGN Friends of Library: Media release points the way towards charitable status for local library

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IMAGE CREDIT: T Cecil Howitt, Nottiingham City Council BEACHLANDS BOOK: Latest News that the writing group beginning planning a book about the Beachlands estate in Pevensey Bay has re-discovered the story about the status of the architect responsible for the plans is an interesting piece of detective work. If, as they suggest the architect father […]


BAY LIFE: EVENT OF THE MONTH: The Swoove Charity Ball, Adele Tribute Show Adele Tribute Show coming to Pevensey Bay Adele Tribute coming to Pevensey Bay St Wilfrid’s Church Hall 17th May, 7:30pm to late, get your tickets only £10 and all profits go to Chestnut Tree Hospice. Please share and like and let’s get […]


IMAGE CREDIT: Julie Rowe, co-owner Aqua Bar, Pevensey Bay The Aqua Bar in Pevensey Bay is to host the national launch of a Pevensey Whale rock and roll song.—Bay Life, 22 April 2017 Signed local musician, Peter Barron, who lives in Pevensey Bay, whose latest album One More Crow, available on Copra Records, has won […]