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THIS WEEK First taster event for Pevensey Food and Drink Festival

COMMUNITY WISH YOU WERE HERE: A bike shop, arts shop and now a florist

LETTERS Mint House: Village has a vibrant art scene, but few opportunities to display work


Hi, would it be possible for someone to confirm that this is Pevensey Bay beach for me please? This is my grandmother, taken in September 1936. Thanks for any help you can provide. Steve Oliver Journal comment Lovely photograph. The buildings in my view are clearly identifiable as Pevensey Bay. What will do in the […]


Image credit: Westham Village: Peter Robbins To Bay Life Old drawing of Westham My Grandfather, Wilfred Relph, used to be the Headmaster at Pevensey and Westham Primary School and retired in 1983. He was given this lovely picture as a retirement present from the school. We are moving abroad and, sadly, we have to let […]


Dear Editor, I have today received a copy of ‘Voice’ with the headline “SAVE OUR LIBRARY”. On reading it I became aware that this was from the local Conservative Association and only mentioned by name local representatives of the Conservative Party. There was no mention of Margaret Martin who has worked so hard to save the […]


LETTERS TO EDITOR A Brush with Nature Column The Journal Alan Everard It is a gentleman’s way of writing but with an understanding of nature in all its aspects because it contains the understanding of animals. It is his expression of understanding in all its aspects, talking about painting, the Sails at Sunset, it is […]


Proposed building: The Dirty Great Big Elephant I have just read the Journal about the 3 storey building that is proposed for Pevensey Bay. I have lived in Pevensey Bay for 38 years. It is too big and looks like a 1950s East German prison, totally out of character with what is in the Bay, […]


Dear Editor Please would you publish a notice about the next meeting of Friends of Pevensey Bay Library in Pevensey Bay Life.  The meeting is on Friday 2 September at 7:00pm at the Baptist Church.  The meeting will need to consider the election of a new committee as well as any issues arising from the […]


ARTICLE UPDATE: We are waiting for the resident in the Bay to contact us back with a day/time when he is available for us to interview him about the information provided in this article. Hopefully we will be able to run the interview mentioned soon. – – – A Bay Life reader has come forward […]