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THIS WEEK Arrival of Reverend Tony Windross as Priest in Charge at St. Nicolas church, Pevensey

COMMUNITY JUST THE TICKET: New film season begins at Bay Hotel in Pevensey Bay

EVENTS Booted and Suited for 2018: All systems go for Vehicles of Yesteryear in Pevensey Bay

Pevensey Bay Journal

The Pevensey Bay Journal, the independent tabloid newspaper for Pevensey Bay: At the birth of the hyperlocal press in Sussex: Available in local newsagents, priced forty pence. Published ten times a year, also available as a full digital download, 10 editions £6:50, delivered direct to your desktop on the day of publication


Now, safely a little in the arms of the May tree the smaller birds feel safer and the Collared Doves cannot access the feeder I should first like to share some good, practical information with you. We changed the position of our main seed feeder for the birds from an open spot to a position […]


This lady told me about her childhood wish Occasionally, a chance meeting with a stranger can change your perspective on many things, and this article is my way of saying thank you to those that I have met that have done exactly this. As an adult that never learnt to drive, I rely heavily on […]