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THIS WEEK Annual Model Railway Exhibition: Make tracks in the summer sun


LETTERS Mr Lobby and the 10 shilling train fare to Pevensey Bay

Pevensey Bay Journal

The Pevensey Bay Journal, the independent newspaper for Pevensey Bay: Available in local newsagents, priced forty pence. Published ten times a year, also available as a full digital download, 10 editions £6:50, delivered direct to your desktop on the day of publication


image credit: Father Tony Windross Tony Windross, the new ‘vicar of Pevensey’ as he descibes his role in the community, now writes for the Pevensey Bay Journal. Here in his column he asks a simple question, is this the time to own our ignorance?— Bay Life, Sunday 3 June Answers on a postcard please! Do […]


LEADERBOARD EDITION 18: PEVENSEY BAY JOURNAL The Pevensey Bay Journal edition 18, is published this week, to all our digital subscribers this Thursday 24 May. In local newsagents, priced 40pence, in the next few days. The Journal pays tribute to our librarian Iwona and tells the story of the girl with the hajib in the […]


IMAGE CREDIT: St. Nicolas church, Pevensey Tony Windross, the new ‘Vicar of Pevensey’ is to write a regular column in the Bay Life Journal. Here online, on the same day that his first column appears in the newspaper (edition 17 published today and available in local newsagents), he offers his welcome to the people of […]


Now, safely a little in the arms of the May tree the smaller birds feel safer and the Collared Doves cannot access the feeder I should first like to share some good, practical information with you. We changed the position of our main seed feeder for the birds from an open spot to a position […]


This lady told me about her childhood wish Occasionally, a chance meeting with a stranger can change your perspective on many things, and this article is my way of saying thank you to those that I have met that have done exactly this. As an adult that never learnt to drive, I rely heavily on […]