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A fourth play event for local children has been organised by Pevensey Parish Council

Organisers told us this morning (13 October) “This is the 4th play event for local children as we had 3 successful ones in the Summer Holidays in Wallsend Sports ground”

The event come courtesy  of Pevensey Parish Council.

Working with local, not for profit company, ‘Community Stuff’ the final play session of the season is set to take place from 1-3pm on 30th October at St Wilfrid’s Church Hall, Pevensey Bay.

This event will be a Halloween themed craft session, with lots of fun for all the family. The event is sponsored by Taylor Dain, Estate Agents in Westham and The Castle Inn, in Pevensey Bay.

This session closes the successful 2019 season of events which has seen each play date attracting over 30 children and their families. Those attending, no matter what age, were encouraged to play a variety of outdoor games and get involved in a variety of arts and crafts projects. Many families extended their visit and children were able to make new and meet old friends.

Pevensey Parish Council is keen to hear from local people who would like to help set up a ‘Friends of Pevensey Playgrounds Group’. Such a group will be able to support a range of activities but, more importantly, be able to apply for grants for events and equipment in the recreation grounds.

Pevensey Parish Council applied last year for further funding from the National Lottery for new equipment and to upgrade and refurbish the grounds, but a decision is still awaited. Previous applications have provided 3 new pieces of equipment.

Children and their families, no matter what age, were encouraged to play a variety of outdoor games and get involved in a variety of art and crafts. A good way to pass a few days during the holidays. Many families extended their visit and children were able to meet new and old friends.

The events were funded by a grant from Wealden District Council.

Pevensey Parish Council hopes to hold further free play events next year, subject to funding.

Peter Lowton, Chairman of Pevensey Parish Council said “It is important to remember that 10% of our residents are children and many attend the local school. To have free play events helps children to feel part of the community and play is a vital part of their childhood. We are grateful to the support given to run these events. The development of a ‘Friends’ group to take forward issues in the playgrounds is a welcome initiative and will be given support by the Parish Council”.

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