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image credit: Bay Designs: signage Rose’s Fish Bar, Pevensey Bay

Our article: Golden House Chinese takeaway 17 January 2019

On 17 January we published a story that suggested there was a plan to turn the Golden House Chinese takeaway in Pevensey Bay into a fish and chip shop, offering the information given to us by the owner of Rose’s Fish Bar.

In the article we published the concerns of the owners of the fish bar that this plan was well underway and that a fish and chip shop would be opening.

Information offered to us (which we did not publish) appeared to corroborate this story.

We accept this information should have been checked and that the view of this plan by the Chinese Takeway should have been taken into account.

This account was recorded, but as an update to the story.

We accept that this account should have been included in the story and not published as an update.

In a statement the chinese takeaway take away told us that was indeed a plan to convert the chinese takeaway into a fish and chip shop, but that there was not a current plan now.

The Chinese take-away told us in a statement,  “we have been thinking about opening a fish and chip shop, possibly in three or four months, but we decided not to open a fish and chip shop”.

We accept that this statement should have been a part of the article before publication.

We also accept the point made by Tiki Bowman on our social media feed that the person who offered this statement on behalf of the chinese take away was not the owner, but the leasee of the establishment.

The decision made by the chinese take-away not to open as a fish nd chip shop was clearly made before the publication of our story and this should have been made clear.

We apologise for the error made in the publication of this story, prior to the update offered to us by the chinese take-way.

An informed source in the business community in the Bay told us yesterday (17 January) that in his view, ‘he was 90% sure that the plan would not take place’. We accept given his knowledge of the circumstances that this is the case.

Our social media feed is not moderated in any way.

People post in comment with what they want to say and these these comments are made in their own way.

We do not moderate these comments, or comment ourselves about what has been said.

We believe that this policy is in the interests of the Bay and that our social media feed moderates by people commenting on what has been said in reply to comments.

The policy will continue on the basis that ‘Sussex people won’t be Druv’.

The strength of opinion, and in many cases, the experience of opinion and articulacy, often in haikuesque form, is an expression of the characteristic and distinct independence of spirit that populates the Bay, and long may this continue to be the case.

We will continue with our policy of non-moderation of our social media feed.

We apologise for the inaccuracy of our story about the chinese take-way being converted into a fish and cup shop.

Whilst there was a plan, this is clearly not planned to happen now. What is also clear is that the decision was made before the publication of our story. We should have checked these facts before publication of this story.

Pevensey Bay Journal
18 January 2019