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THIS WEEK Arrival of Reverend Tony Windross as Priest in Charge at St. Nicolas church, Pevensey

COMMUNITY JUST THE TICKET: New film season begins at Bay Hotel in Pevensey Bay

EVENTS Booted and Suited for 2018: All systems go for Vehicles of Yesteryear in Pevensey Bay

IMAGE CREDIT: Castle Inn, Pevensey Bay

What a busy week
What a busy week we have had. Raised £320.40 for prostate cancer, a leaving surprise party for our lovely Talia. Fat belly Jones party night and for all of you that happened to see the photo of a man sleeping in the luggage holder whilst trapped in a train for 10 hrs….. that was my son #15 mins of fame gone viral lol take a look at our crazy week of pictures xxxx
Castle Inn, 5 March 2018