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Image credit: Cycling to the forecourt: Steve Malone Bay/PA, Cycletech Pevensey Bay,

Cycletech Pevensey Bay, the new bike and sales and repairs shop that moved into the historic Anderida House last November, is reporting success with their new location

A grinning owner, Guy Soper, told Bay Life that they had just had a very successful January with alot of interest in the new shop and bike sales.

Pointing at three new shiny bikes standing proudly in the corner ready for collection he told us “all those have gone”.

The shop which has utlised the unusual angles and floorspace in the building that was once the office for the promotion of the Beachlands estate in 1932 is brim full of interest to browsers.

Cycletech which was based in Westham for many years took something of a leap in the dark, by leasing the building that sits like an obelisk in Pevensey Bay pointing to an important part of our history,

The site has been an estate agents as well as a dance studio in the past.

Perhaps there is something subliminal in the setting as a bike shop.

In the nineteen  thirties there was an explosion of interest in both rambling and cycling. In the twenty first century there is revisited interest in everything from new and used bikes for sales, to professional repairs and servicing for all types of bikes.

The forecourt of Cycletch at Anderida House now has a billboard of a family cycling scene blown up like the backdrop of a theatre to the building.

We are promised some new additions to the show this Spring, which could include bike repairs on show on the forecourt and a bike hire scheme.

The location is an attractive one. seen by so many cars that approach the village from the Coast Road end of Pevensey Bay and owner of Cycletch, Guy Soper, has recorded that many of the people discovering and visiting the shop, getting out of their cars, are potential new customers.

Last year, Steve Malone, a photojournalist who works with a number of local news outlets, visited the shop for his first photoshoot.

The Government announcement that as well as the green light for HS2 yesterday (February 11), that there is to be new major investment in local transport networks was widely welcomed.  The announcement is likely to give another kickstart to interest in bikes and biking..

Prime Minister Boris Johnson confirmed HS2 will go ahead, alongside radical improvements to local transport networks across the country.

The decision comes alongside new investment for vital local transport links. The Prime Minster set out his vision to overhaul the UK’s transport network, including £5 billion to improve bus and cycle links outside London, as well as vital upgrades to local roads.

The Prime Minister outlined his vision for a revolution in local transport to ensure that towns and cities in every region have “the modern, joined up network needed to fire up economic growth.”

A multibillion pound package to transform buses and cycling will deliver at least 4,000 new Zero Emission buses, higher frequency services (including evenings and weekends), more affordable, simpler fares, and new priority schemes to make routes more efficient.

The £5 billion for new funding will also help build over 250 miles of new, high quality separated cycle routes, and dozens of ‘Mini-Holland’ schemes to make town centres safer for cyclists and pedestrians.

Some questions emerged over what Prime Minister, Boris Johnson said in Parliament.

He told MPs that his government was paving the way for a future “where high speed trains glide between our green cities. Where electric buses convey covey us clearly round our towns. Where self-driving cars roam along roads that are free of congestion that causes so much pollution, and where a new generation of cyclists peddle safely and happily to school and work in tree dappled sunlight on their own network of fully segregated cycle paths”.

How much of this vision matches what we see in Pevensey Bay is open to question.

We are desperate for support with our infrastructure and there has been none. There is no investment in regeneration here at all. The Beach Tavern, an economic focal point for our community, has been boarded up for three years. There is no thought being given to any investment in our community as a visitor destination, there is no thought being given to the question  of tourism here, employment here, education here or support for young people here.

The plan for cyclists peddling safely and happily to school and work in tree dappled sunlight on their own network of fully segregated cycle paths seen through the perspective of what is here on the ground in Pevensey Bay, sounds like a hollow pipedream.

How much in relation to what was said yesterday by Boris Johnson will devolve down to real activity, development and sustainable plans here in Pevensey Bay?

Perhaps what is happening at Anderida House with Cycletech can shine a light on the kinds of initiative that we really need at a local level if we are to support the changes envisaged with a new generation of thinking about our infrastructures, how we live, work and how our communities connect.

Perhaps we have to point to sustainable local enterprises that match the new aspirations being envisaged.

Perhaps investment should begin not just with HS2 but an integrated cyclepath network in which places like Anderida House become our central visitor destination point like an art deco St. Pancras Station connecting to our northern powerhosue, Pevensey castle and the historic village of Peveneey, connecting our visitors east and west with an integrated network of coastal cyclepaths.

Charity begins at home, maybe this is also the case with economic growth.

Guy Soper at Anderida House is doing more for Pevensey Bay than Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

If we get to a bike hire scheme this summer for visitors to Pevensey Bay, perhaps instead of Boris bikes we could call them Anderida bikes and sell our campaign for an integrated visitor cyclepath network right across Wealden

If our Anderida bikes campaign got noticed, some of this new £5 billion for cyclepaths could come here, providing jobs, economic regeneration and a new kind of visitor footprint.

The difference between Boris Johnson and Guy Soper at Anderida House, is that Guy Soper really did get on his bike and look for economic growth.

This revitalised interest in cycling is likely to give a further kickstart to local enterprises in rural locations that are supporting everything from bike sales to repairs and bike hire.

The added dimension of the seaside location in this hidden jewel in the crown of Sussex, seems to have become a timely and natural setting for Guy Soper and the bike enterprise at Anderida House.

The prospect of the bike shop becoming a sustainable niche enterprise here is an attractive one for both residents and visitors to Pevensey Bay, something that might lead to other go ahead niche enterprises considering Pevensey Bay as a niche re-location.

Local resident, Yvonne Hancock, who has lived here for over thirty years, on hearing that Cycletech was coming to Anderida House last November had something to say.

Spinning around in her Harper Hair Co chair along the Eastbourne Road half way through getting her cutting edge 38 degree brand new hairstyle, she beamed at Bay Life, as she gave her voxpop view,

Cycletech at Anderida House, she beamed, “that will work”.

Anderida House, 1 Wallsend Road, Pevensey Bay,
BN24 6AE East Sussex
01323 660150
Cycle Tech in Pevensey Bay is an established bike shop selling new and used bikes, and offering repairs and servicing for all types of bike, from tandems and mtb’s to road bikes and hand trikes.