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I Object
Planning application WD/2018/1320/F Beach Tavern

Here we go again; it is becoming tedious that this long running planning application is before the planning committee again in its third overdeveloped manifestation. There is a general rule that if you repeat actions again and again you get the same result. The message of the council some two and a half years ago was the development was too big, intrusive, overwhelming and a parking nightmare. The councils’ elected members turned the proposal down this action was backed up on appeal with a damming critique from the planning inspector.

This application has tried to unpick the planning inspectors comments and do the minimum to mitigate the inspectors comments. What has been now proposed is not enough if you have the time and money keep trying. During the 2017 planning decision process it was made plain to the applicant in person a two storey building was more acceptable with a streetscape in keeping with the surrounds. I ask the members of the council to be consistent so everybody knows how they stand.

This application has generated 106 comments from the public of which about 105 object to the development. It is an irony that the council’s planning officer has made a comment in support of the build by saying;- to quote “With the reduction in scale and massing of the building and alternative design to incorporate the appearance of a more 2-storey building with rooms in the roof”

It clearly is not a 2 storey building and top floor windows look down on the bedrooms of the neighbouring properties  There are no lift arrangements, the building has one bedroom flats at the top of a three storey stairway not the sort of high demand accommodation Pevensey Bay needs. Pevensey Bay should not need to put up with this unwanted over development at the heart of the village.

Neighbour, Beach Tavern site

The decision will be made at a meeting of the Planning South Committee on Thursday 27 February. The Committee consists of 12 councillors and meets regularly approximately every four weeks on a Thursday. The meetings are open to the public and are held in the Council Offices in Hailsham, meeting venue: The Civic Community Hall, Vicarage Lane, HAILSHAM. The meetings are webcast. THE WEBCAST CAN BE VIEWED HERE from 10:30am, Thursday 27 February 2020.