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Theresa May and the Day she says is “The Crucial Moment in our History”

** BREAKING: More than 48 letters have been sent to Graham Brady, chairman of 1922 Committee of Conservative backbenchers, the letters trigger a vote of confidence in the leader, Theresa May.

Brexit is in chaos, the Government is in chaos and we wait to see what will happen next through the course of the day, as the Conservative Party prepares to vote on the future of the Prime Minister at 6:00pm.

The future of the Government, and to a certain extent, the country, appears to be at stake today as we enter unchartered territory.

Will Brexit now happen? To a certain extent the times in which we are living appear to be unprecedented.

In her blog today (December 11), Dianne Dear, Conservative District Councillor on Wealden District Council and the publisher of the Pevensey Bay Journal said,

“I have been a Conservative all my life and will continue to be a Conservative.

“How shameful to put Theresa May in this situation

“They are selfish to only think of their own positions instead of thinking about the future of our country

“She is being undermined at a crucial stage whether you agree with her or not”.

At 9:10am this morning, Huw Merriman, MP for Bexhill and Battle, talking on his twitter feed said, “PM has my total support. Her determination to serve and deliver for our country deserves better”.

In her statement on the steps of 10 Downing Street this morning at 8:45am, the Prime Minister, Theresa May said “this is “The Crucial Moment in our History”.

Prime Minister, Theresa May
Statement, steps of 10 Downing Street, 8:45am, 11 December 2018
The Crucial Moment in our History
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A change of leadership in the Conservative party now would put our country’s future at risk and create uncertainty when we can least afford it.

A new leader wouldn’t be in place by the 21 January legal deadline, so a leadership election risks handing control of the Brexit negotiations to opposition MPs in parliament.

The new leader wouldn’t have time to renegotiate the withdrawal agreement and get the legislation through parliament by 29 March, so one of their first acts would have to be extending or rescinding article 50, delaying or even stopping Brexit when people want us to get on with it.

And a leadership election would not change the fundamentals of the negotiation, or the parliamentary arithmetic. Weeks spent tearing ourselves apart will only create more division just as we should be standing together to serve our country. None of that would be in the national interest. The only people whose interests would be served would be Jeremy Corbyn and John McDonnell.

She ended statement by saying
“Weeks spent tearing ourselves apart will only create more division just as we should be standing together to serve our country.”

“I stand ready to finish the job,”