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Dianne Dear, publisher of the Pevensey Bay Journal and Conservative Wealden Distrct Councillor said today (Monday 3 December), talking on her weekly blog, “can you publish what Daniel Hannan MEP says in this article, I agree with what he is saying, I want to support the Mrs May plan, but like him, I can not support the plan”.

With ten days to go, before the vote in Parliament over the Mrs May Brexit plan that could decide the future of the country for the next generation, the country is on a cliff edge.

As we prepare for what is being described as the biggest crisis since Suez in 1956, Channel 4 News came to the constituency to test the Zeitgeist of the nation.

In what was seen locally as a coup for our MP Huw Merriman, cameras came to the constituency of Bexhill and Battle to record the views of local people as we approach the date (December 11), that could decide the fate of the nation.

When Parliament votes on the Brexit deal put forward by Prime Minister, Theresa May, no one knows what will happen next.

Universities minister, Sam Gyimah quit on November 30, pledging to vote against the proposal in parliament By Theresa May.

He became the seventh minister to quit the Theresa May government over the question of Brexit.

Gyimah said the deal on offer would mean the country lost its voice in the European Union, while still having to abide by the rules of the EU.

This morning, (3 December) Home Secretary Sajid Javid, talking on the BBC Radio Today programme, dismissed a report suggesting that key vote could be postponed because Theresa May risks a huge defeat.

In Bexhill the audience, which was broadcast as part of the Channel 4 News, expressed a range of views, with a number expressing similar sentiments to Universities minister, Sam Gyimah who had resigned the day before the constituency meeting.

We are in uncharted territory as a country.

As well as the critical vote in Parliament in 10 days time, in which the vote for the Mrs May plan is being seen as a ‘mathematical impossibility’, in the days that follow, we do not know whether we will see the Prime Minster resign, whether the vote will trigger a call for a second referendum, if we will fall off the Brexit cliff, or even if an election will be called.

Local MP Huw Merriman, who voted to remain in the 2016 referendum, has been open and transparent with his constituents over the question of Brexit.

Talking in the Pevensey Bay Journal on 10 June 2016. before the referendum, MP Huw Merriman said, “by the time you read this article, the decision on Britain’s membership of the European Union will be known. We will either be carrying on within the European Union, albeit on amended terms, or we will be entering a new period of our history and with much to do. We live in a remarkable country, which has had to adapt and change over the centuries, so I feel confident that we will rise to the challenge no matter what comes before us.
—Huw Merriman, MP for Bexhill and Battle, 10 June 2016

The prescience of his view is noteworthy.

He said at the meeting in Bexhill (November 30) that he intends to vote for the plan put forward by the Prime Minister in the critical vote for our county in Parliament on December 11.

Here on the Dianne Dear Blog, we quote what Daniel Hannan, MEP for South-East England, has said about the Mrs May plan

Daniel Hannan: I want to support May’s plan. But I can’t. It proposes a way of leaving the EU that’s exactly the wrong way round.
30 November 2018

Daniel Hannan is an MEP for South-East England, and a journalist, author and broadcaster. His most recent book is What Next: How to Get the Best from Brexit.

“I can’t speak for every Eurosceptic, but most of us voted Leave because we wanted a freer, more democratic and more global Britain. We didn’t want to sever all our links with our European allies. We simply wanted to be free to stand aside as they pursued their goal of political amalgamation.

“The deal that will come before Parliament doesn’t offer that outcome. Quite the opposite: it would lead to a Britain that is as constrained as now, but less commercially engaged. The only Leavers who might support such a deal are those Old Labour voters who want a protectionist Britain and fewer foreign workers. Yet, as far as I can tell, even they don’t like it.

“Supporters of the deal are (with the exception of the brilliant but, on this occasion, mistaken Rory Stewart) not really trying to make a positive case for it. Instead, they are reduced to telling us that the alternatives are even worse and that everyone is sick of the whole business. They’re wrong. The alternatives have not been tried, and most Leavers only ever supported Brexit as a means to an end, not an end in itself. This agreement delivers an outcome worse than either staying or leaving. It has been negotiated by people who never liked what they were doing, never understood why anyone might have voted Leave (other than on anti-immigration grounds) and defined their success as coming back with something – anything – to which they could attach the label “Brexit”. They have misjudged the electorate; and they have, I think, misjudged the MPs whom that electorate returns”.

full article here on Conservative Home