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image credit: Dianne Dear: Westham Village Pond

Westham Parish Council ‘not fit for purpose’.

With regard to the maintenance of the village pond, District Councillor Dianne Dear (who is also the publisher of the Pevensey Bay Journal), offered the view today (4 September) that ‘Westham Parish Council is not fit for purpose’.

Dianne who holds a degree (FdSc) in Aquaculture and Fisheries Management visited Westham Village Pond on 3 September. She told, Bay Life, “I visited Westham this afternoon and took these pictures of their pond how sad . All the years I’ve lived there 30 in total I’ve never seen anything like it ”

“I’ve taken a sample of the water and it’s not good, needs sorting pronto”

She added today (4 September), “they need to clear the water up and they need to do it as soon as possible, I have never seen the pond look so bad.in all the years I have been there”

“They need to clean the water up or drain it completely because it is turning toxic – a public health travesty, rats have been seen.

“And if it’s not treated soon a warning sign needs to be put up to protect the local children as it’s becoming a public health risk

“Parents need to know that weils disease can be contracted from the water especially if you have an open wound or graze.

“The maintenance of the water has not been satisfactory I saw old bikes and tyres and trolleys

“The pond is crying out for an airator to oxygenate the water.

“I think the Parish Council will be taken to court”.

In response to criticisms of their management of Westham Village Pond, Westham Parish Council told the Pevensey Bay Journal (edition 20, Saturday 18 August) “Westham Parish Council has received some calls from some residents who were upset to see dead fish on the surface of Westham Pond recently.

“It has spoken to the Environment Agency and understands the problem is countrywide and is a result of the recent severe weather which has caused the water level and therefore the oxygen levels to fall.

“Westham Parish Council has removed the dead fish and installed a temporary underwater pump to help restore the oxygen levels until it rains heavily again.

“Reports also state that the Parish Council does not carry out any maintenance of the Pond. In recent years it has carried out extensive works to the banks, monitored the water quality and the Pond remains part of its regular maintenance contract”.