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Saturday, 2 November 2019 from 19:30-23:30

Prepare to be chilled to the bone (we’re refusing to put the heating on) for our all-scaring, all-howling, Halloween Spooktacular celebration, here at The Castle Greyskull Inn!

‘Dress to Distress’ – prizes for the best, most gruesome, fancy dress!
‘Dr. E-Phil’s (geddit?) Scare-atorium’ – do you dare to enter the warped world of our very own Dr. E-Phil?
‘Howlin’ Blues’ live (or possibly dead!) on stage!
Also… (sob)… Ian’s leaving bash!

CONDITIONS OF ENTRY: No mirrors, no crucifixes, no Bibles, no Holy Water, no silver bullets, no sunlight, and absolutely no exorcists will be allowed on the premises. Black candles and flaming pentacles welcome. Please be aware that if you are intending to indulge in ritual sacrifice you will need to bring your own virgin or goat, as both are difficult to find in Pevensey Bay.

Castle Inn. 9 October 2019

Castle Inn
72 Eastbourne Road
Eastbourne, East Sussex
Call 01323 764970