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COMMUNITY Pevensey Bay Dog walking group and the Big Barn Christmas

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Bay Hotel, Pevensey Bay  EVENTS HOMEPAGE


EVENTS PROGRAMME 2018: Bay Hotel, Pevensey Bay


BAY HOTEL: The hotel was built in 1897 and located at the heart of the community and just a 2 minute walk from the beach. Traditional, 19th-century inn offers rooms with private bathrooms and free WiFi, a real ale bar, and a restaurant serving hearty, home cooked cuisine. Rooms, public house, live music, and a range of community events


Welcome to our eventboard on Bay Life, weekly updates, news and information about what is happening at the Bay Hotel in Pevensey Bay.

News 2018

New owners from Tuesday 25 September 2018
Karen Hudson, manager, and her team welcome a range of new events this autumn.

Latest articles in the local press

Bay Hotel sold: Feature interview with Karen Hudson, manager

This week we talk to manager of the Bay Hotel, Karen Hudson, about her plans to see the historic hotel tell the story of the people that have been on the guest register, scenes from the timeline to the hotel and something of the local and the unique place occupied by the hotel in the affections of the community.
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Novel Pop Up Exhibition: Latest in line of signature ideas from Karen Hudson and her team at Bay Hotel

Karen, who has been in post for little more than a year, has demonstrated the kind of elan that has brought new attention to the Bay Hotel, bringing the limelight to new musical talent in the locality with her open mic nights, as well as a series of well received family events and novel special events like the Friends of Pevensey Bay Library book fayre.
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New eventboard available shortly
Wednesday 6 December: The Bay Hotel has commissioned the first of our new interactive online eventboards for a year, beginning on 26 January 2019. We hope to have a beta version of the new eventboard available to browse here online in the next ten days. The Bay Hotel interactive eventboard will also appear in print in the Pevensey Bay Journal. the monthly newspaper for Pevensey Bay, available in local newsagents.

Bay Hotel, Peveney Bay

Live music 2018


Bay Hotel, Pevensey

2-4 Eastbourne Road, Pevensey Bay, BN24 6EJ
01323 768645
bookings: goo.gl/9eLtE8


23 September 2018
When go-ahead Karen Hudson arrived in Pevensey Bay little more that a year ago, she told Bay Life “The Bay Hotel is what it is, the Grand Dame of Pevensey Bay, this is how I want to profile the hotel”.
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