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THIS WEEK Beach Tavern Development: Time to find a sensible solution

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beach tavern, image credit, jan barronn

IMAGE CREDIT: Jan Barron, Beach Tavern 2017

What is to happen next with Beach Tavern site?

Bay Life understands that the original illustration of the Beach Tavern, which has been for sale at the Ocean View Bakery and Restaurant, sold today (3 May) for £120:00.

Th original illustration, by talented local artist, Jan Barron, has featured in the pages of both Bay LIfe online, and in the pages of the Pevensey Bay Journal, on a number of occasions.

Stories are circulating the Bay about what might happen next with the characterful landmark that is so much part of the picture of the Bay.

We also understand that a photography team will be in the Bay tomorrow, taking pictures of the building.

The story of what is to happen next with the Beach tavern site is provoking interest amongst local residents.

We hope that we will be in a position to provide more details about what is happening in the coming days, once we are able to confirm information.