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Zero Waste Westham Team
Media release, 9 July 2019
Headline: Pouring oils, vinegars, herbs on troubled waters, it takes a village to support a sustainable future

Our plan is to lay a pioneering trail in the locality and provide a footprint. We want to see if Zero Waste Westham can provide a needed service in the community.

As with other zero waste shops in the country we will be providing a re-fill service for some essential goods, without any packaging.

The Guardian reported (21 April 2019), “over the past two years, well over 100 of these stores have sprung up across the UK. Precise numbers are hard to come by, but some in the business say there are almost 200, many in environmental hotspots such as Brighton, Bath, Bristol and north-east London, but also in plenty of other less obviously fertile areas. Zero-wasters are in touch with each other on Facebook, and have their own bible in Bea Johnson’s book Zero Waste Home”.

Our resources are limited and our investment base is tiny, but we hope in providing the footprint to test the water with a zero waste option for the people of Westham.

Initially we will concentrate on three areas of interest, oils, vinegars, herbs.

There is research for us to do, organisation and then profiling. We hope to be in a position to launch the venture under the banner 20/20 vision zero waste Westham in the first few weeks of the new year.

We intend to launch with just 20 products. We hope in the process to hit some winners that are right for Westham, and that local people will be returning to fill their boots with our re-fill options.

There will be no plastic and no packaging.

Over the rest of the summer we will be planning.

Through the autumn we will be conducting on the ground local research about the products that people would like to see, We will also be learning from shops like Zero Waste Eastbourne and the grand-daddy of them all with zero waste retail, Earth. Food. Love, based in Totnes Devon, established in 2017.

In January 2020 people will see a very soft launch, with only 20 products, but we hope that the footprint that we lay down will be the start of something bigger for Westham.

In late autumn we will start our crowd fund campaign. We hope to raise up to £6,000 to enable us to stock and source well, to help us with the installation of fixtures and fittings and to help with our publicity.

Our publicity will include a four page newspaper delivered to every household in Westham, and a state of the art web platform, which will include an online newsletter for the ‘Friends of Zero Waste Westham’.

We hope you will come and visit us when we open in the High Street in Westham in January 2020, on a wing and a prayer and a thought for our environment.

Our plan includes support for the move towards a plastic free local world. In the retail sector, the notion of localism includes not just shops for local people, but shops for local people with a purpose that will help mall rural communities to survive and flourish through their own commercial endeavours.

We will see you in January 2020, come and fill your boots, with our re-fillable products, even if they are only tiny boots.

We may only be promoting 20 products, but in our soft launch is both our beginning and our end, supporting the cause of Westham and helping in a very small way find a sustainable future for our village. We want people ro know the place to return to Westham and know the place for the first time.

There is an Indian saying, it takes a village to raise to raise a child.

The same is true of our plan for Zero Waste Westham. It takes a village to support a sustainable future.

The Zero Waste Westham team
9 July 2019