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illustration: ‘Turning the corner at the Bay Hotel’, Jan Barron

What is becoming obvious is that what we are seeing today is clearly only just the start, a long term investment plan is beginning to be put into operation which has the ambition to change the fortunes not just of the hotel but Pevensey Bay, for all the right reasons—Pevensey Bay Journal, 2 August 2019

Talking to the project management team behind the investment plan for the Bay Hotel in Pevensey Bay yesterday (1 August) gave us an insight into the scale and vision of the plan behind the renovation of the hotel.

What is becoming clear is that what we see now with the industrial light and magic of the lights in the public bar at the hotel, is only the start.

As work turns to the body and soul of the hotel downstairs on the ground floor, we are to see the hotel and public house return to the same standards that we see with the renovated public bar.

The public bar is to be named the Pevensey Bar, catering specifically for local residents, capturing the spirit of the locality, with a dedication to some of the famous people that have stayed at the hotel, and who have been associated with the hotel. These people include Goon show writer, Spike Milligan and Peter Sellers who spent his summers in the fifties here (Ethel Wood was his cleaning lady) and Tony Hancock who frequented and stayed at the hotel.

In the main body of the hotel we are to see a restaurant experience that is being carefully calibrated to suit a variety of tastes from visiting coaches to some high end eating experiences that include some named chefs.

Upstairs half of the rooms have been renovated to a deluxe standard and the other half of the rooms are being renovated through August.

Outside local people are beginning to see the transformation with the new look that is perfectly in keeping with the glory days of 1898 when the hotel first appeared on the scene and transformed Pevensey Bay into a ‘health resort’.

Both outside and inside the hotel and public house local people are beginning to notice the radical changes taking place in front of their eyes.

Local resident Lisa Courtney commented on the Bay Life newsfeed, “I can’t believe the transformation in the Bay Hotel. Not been in there yet. But from the outside looks far more inviting. As long as I don’t have to walk through a wall of smoke ( asthma) I think we will try it very soon”.

Carolyn Walder Hart said “we popped into the renovated very light and airy end bar…. would recommend it”.

What is becoming clear to local people is the scale of the change and the long term thinking behind the investment plan.

Already there is interest in the possibilities of niche shops appearing in Pevensey Bay. The interest is being linked to the brave and ambitious renovation of the Bay Hotel.

Wendy Cornwell commented, “I can’t wait to see the new arts and crafts shop in the bay – don’t get me wrong .. but I’ve never seen so many salons and takeaways there before – if there were to be a fruit n veg shop – I’d gladly shop there”.

Our leaderboard comment in the current edition of the Pevensey Bay Journal may have been a little wide of the mark in relation to the possibility that what is happening at the Bay Hotel has the potential to change not just the Bay Hotel but the fortunes of Pevensey Bay.

The long term investment plan at the Bay Hotel will bring all kinds of new visitors to sample the delights of the quirky and unique history and identity that is the essence of Pevensey Bay, here in the hidden jewel in the crown of Sussex.

As attention turns back to the future of the Beach Tavern site and Anderida House and more announcements are made about the launch of niche shops here, we may be seeing the beginnings of a radical transformation to the future economic life of Pevensey Bay, for all the right reasons.

Working with the project management team at the hotel, The Pevensey Bay Journal is to reveal the full scale and detail of the investment plan for the Bay Hotel on September 16.

Edition 27
Pevensey Bay Journal
published Saturday 27 July 2019

Renovation of Bay Hotel will see tangible benefits for everyone

Anyone who has sat under those new industrial lights in the magic of the public bar space at the Bay Hotel will know that they are seeing part of the future, not just of the hotel, but of Pevensey Bay.

Like a stage set, the rich blue decoration, the new lights and the new tables, add an ambience that is a fit for the Bay.

There is no surprise to see that usage of the public bar is increasing at a steady rate.

There is much more to come with the renovation of the Bay Hotel. This is an expensive and intelligent renovation that will deliver dividends to Pevensey Bay by increasing the visitor footfall and bringing people back to enjoy our quirky coastal delights.

When the Bay Hotel was built in 1897, the new buzz phrase was ‘health resort’. In this edition of the Pevensey Bay Journal we tell the story of the birth of the Bay Hotel. What we are seeing is something of a re-birth.

The jewel in our crown is beginning to shine again.

By December this year the ‘grand old dame’ as Karen Hudson, manager of the Bay Hotel has christened the hotel, will be back in all her glory.

What is happening is a credit to the new owner, manager and project manager at the Bay Hotel, working so hard to see that all this magic happens right in front of our eyes.