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THIS WEEK Goosie Gander comes to the Wallsend Ground

COMMUNITY Westham Village campaigners argue for “better resolution for our very treasured pond”

BUSINESS Harper Hair Co. lands in Pevensey Bay

Sabrina, British answer to Marilyn Monroe, fifties actress and the picture post from the Bay Hotel Pevensey Bay
We were interested to receive this cutting from ‘the Mail’, about a visit by Sabrina, a 1950s English model who went on to a small movie career, including Blue Murder at St Trinian’s (1957). She sounded like a thoroughly nice woman, here the account includes a family outing to Pevensey castle. Interesting also to see that the Goon Show was ‘littered with references’, according to Wiki, to Sabrina’s bosom, such as “by the measurements of Sabrina!” and “by the sweaters of Sabrina!”. The connections between Sabrina and the Goons and the Bay Hotel in Pevensey Bay are tantalising. Both Peter Sellers ad Spike Milligan almost certainly, drank at some point at the Bay Hotel (although we can find no diary or newspaper references to prove this point). Having said that we do have the Peter Sellers home movie (1962) now widely seen, showing him in a vehicle coming round the corner of the Bay Hotel , filming, and into the Eastbourne Road. Remarkable thing history, particularly local history. Perhaps, the Bay Hotel might like to consider a roll call of a provable list of famous people that have had a drink in the famous local icon.